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Advertising Analysis

No description

Jessica Verrall

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Advertising Analysis

Advertising Analysis Product Natureluxe Mousse Mascara

Target Audience:
-Medium income level
-Eco friendly Literary Terms Analogy An extended comparison which demonstrates the similarities between two things or concepts. Cliche The prevailing feeling in a text, created through word choice, descriptive details and imagery. Atmosphere The ad suggests nature through word choices. Covergirl uses phrases such as "light as air" and words like "Natureluxe" refering to the outdoors. Also, the colours and lighting mimic nature because the background lighting is reminiscent of sunlight. The use of green tones creates a forest-like atmosphere. Light as air is repeated throughout the ad in various ways. An example of this is "Down with the weight and up with the volume". This is similar to 'light as air'. The analogy reinforces that the product will be feel lightweight on a consumer's lashes but still creates a volumized look. "Light as air" is a cliche because the comparison lacks originality. Covergirl uses a cliche so that the user does not need to think or feel comfortable while looking at the ad. Characterization The techniques used to portray a fictional character or actual person: the character's physical appearance, thoughts, actions and words, and revealing what other's think of the character. Covergirl chose Taylor Swift as a spokeswoman for their product because she is perceived as being sweet, innocent and youthful. Taylor Swift's "character" within the ad represents beauty and youthfulness. Her physical appearance and dramatic eyes emphasize these qualities. The creator of the ad makes the viewer feel as though Taylor Swift is beautiful as a result of wearing the mascara. Selecting an appropriate 'character' for an advertisement is key to expressing a brand's intended purpose. Connotation The associations or implications of a word beyond itself. An example of this would be the word "Luxury" used throughout the ad. The product's name and description all use the word luxury repeatedly. This word choice is inferring that buying the product will lead to a luxurious lifestyle. Associating mascara with luxury causes the consumer to believe that by simply buying an inexpensive cosmetic their life will be transformed. Literary Terms Continued Explicit Meaning An idea or message that is stated directly by the author. "We took out the heavy synthetic and put in a light touch of beeswax" Hyperbole Extravagent exaggeration used for effect. "Light as air" is a hyperbole as its exaggerating that the mascara is light feeling to your lashes compared to other competing mascara brands. "other brands" "what naturluxe is supposed to look like" Motif Recurring ideas, objects, places or statements that can help to develop a text's theme Motifs in the ad are weightlessness and nature. These concepts are repeated throughout all of the text in the ad. Each sentence reminds you how much lighter the mascara is compared to other brands. Covergirl does this by using facts and figures, explicit meanings, and exaggerated language to make the viewer convinced the mascara is natural. Paradox An apparent contradiction that, upon deeper analysis, contains a degree of truth. In the ad Covergirl has added text to say "Down with the weight and up with the volume" which is contradicting itself as weight and volume are theoretically the same thing because if you turn down weight but add volume, your adding more quanity which will add weight. But the mascara still may be lighter than other competing brands and give lashes volume. Weight- Heaviness vs. Volume- quanity or amount Literary terms continued Pathetic Fallacy A literary device in which nature is depicted as reacting in sympathy to human feelings and events. In the advertisement the description explains the product as something a person would describe as light as air. Covergirl uses nature to their advantage. They do this by getting the viewer to feel the product is eco friendly and light weight by using ingredients found in nature itself. Repetition The purposeful re-use of words and phrases for an effect. The word "Luxury" is repeated over and over again throughout the advertisement in different ways. Luxurious is stated through concepts and also being directly stated. By doing this, Covergirl is convincing the user that the product will create a feeling of luxury only if you're wearing the product. Simile A figure of speech making a comparison between two things using "like" or "as". "Light as Air' is a simile because the statement is comparing light weight to air using the word as. The simile is stating that when wearing the product your lashes won't feel heavy. Thesis The main idea or argument that the writer is trying to prove. The main idea is that the mascara will give users luxurious lashes by using natural products. Covergirl is giving the impression that users wearing the product will live a more luxurious lifestyle. Making the consumers act, feel, and look beautiful while wearing the product. Advertising Techniques http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/business/2011/12/procter-gamble-pulls-photoshopped-taylor-swift-mascara-ad/ Femininity Is another gender stereotype used in a variety of ads, from teen make-up commercials to alcohol ads. Famous People Such as Michael Jordan make products appealing and attractive through association Taylor Swift is used in the ad as a celebrity endorsement. Taylor Swift is a young singer/songwriter that is popular with today's generation. She has a wide fan base with all ages of women. Covergirl uses Taylor Swift to gain a large variety of ages to wear this product. She is percieved of having a youthful personality that will engaged users to buy the product no matter what age. This is so the consumer can feel youthful like Taylor Swift by wearing the brand she reccomends. Beautiful People are usually used to glamorize merchandise. They use models and actors that generally have rare body types, and don't represent adverage people, idealized notions of beauty that are constantly changing. Big Lies Are exaggerated promises that are impossible to deliver, such as, "This is Americas best all-weather vehicle." Glittering Generalities The glittering generalities technique uses appealing words and images to sell the product. Advertising Techniques Continued Its Easy Simple solutions are often used tpo convince us that a product will solve our problems. The ad sugests that using the product will solve the problem of clumps and give you lighter and more volumous lashes. Emotional Transfer Is the process of generating emotions in order to transfer them to a product. The point is to make you feel good and to transfer that feeling to the brand or product. This is the number one and most important process of media manipulation. Covergirl uses the representation of femininity through showing images of Taylor Swift as beautiful and timeless. Showing that there is a softer feel to the ad. Also, stating the product is mainly for women. As stated before, Covergirl uses Taylor Swift to endorse the mascara. As she is so famous, she doesn't represent average people that would be buying the makeup. She is shown flawless which is how society wants women to be seen. But, in reality everyone has differences and flaws that make them beautiful in their own way. Covergirl represents the product as flawless so that anyone wearing the product will feel beautiful while wearing the mascara. "Lashes enhanced" is a big lie fine printed in the advertisement. Covergirl is false advertising about Taylor Swift's eyelashes being so volumous while wearing the product. They are exaggerating the function of the product to sound appealing because the product doesnt deliver the look they say it does. Covergirl uses emotional transfer by convincing you that if you use the product you're going to look and feel beautiful. Boosting a woman's confidence level, which will make the customer purchase the mascara. Once purchasing the mascara they are implying a joyful happier life. The advertisement uses glittering generalities by stating that you will have luxurious lashes when you wear this product. They exaggerate that users of this cosmetic will be using a luxurious wonderful product that will change your life. Repetition Done to reiterate a sales pitch over and over again. The ad repeats the phrase 'Light as air' over and over again for viewers to be convinced the product is light feeling. This is so people will remember why the product is better than other leading mascara brands. Scale Advertisers make a product look bigger or smaller than it is. In the ad, the product is shown small to show how the product can fit in any girl's cosmetic bag. Small container with a large impact on volume. Advertising Techniques Continued Magic Ingredients The suggestion that some almost miraculous discovery makes the product effective. In the ad, the text explains how other mascara brands use heavy synthetics. While this type of mascara has natural ingredients, such as beeswax, that take out the heaviness but still adds volume. The natural ingredients added will give the mascara more of an appeal to customers compared to competitors. Facts & Figures Statistics and objective factual information is used to prove the superiority of the product. In the ad, Covergirl has included statistics, such as '2x the volume and 20% lighter'. This is to prove to the reader that this is the mascara that consumers want. Users of this cosmetic will feel as though they are getting a better product compared to other brands of mascara. Fears Are messages directed at our insecurities. Socially Accepted (Fit in)
Pressure to look "Good"
Having imperfections Needs looking good
fitting in
polishing beauty that lies within you
feeling accepted
feeling beautiful Testimonials a famous personality is used to endorse the product. Taylor Swift has been endorsing Procter & Gamble Covergirl since 2010. Many know Taylor Swift for her singing/ song writing but also for her beauty. Fun, youthful, innocent, beauty is the personality conveyed with her promoting the product. By her reccomending the product, many will purchase this mascara to try to look and feel like her. Simple Solutions Avoid complexities, and attack many problems to one solution. There are many simple solutions that this mascara solves. The mascara attacks the problem of not having enough volume on your lashes. Having volumized lashes will make you fit in, and feel luxurious. Creating a more happier and joyful life. By: Brianne Wilson & Jessica Verrall Conclusion The advertisment we chose is effective because Covergirl has used an underlying message to get the product sold. The message Covergirl delivers in this advertisement is that natural ingredients in cosmestics are just as effective as regular ingredients in other brands. This message can be appealing to many women around the world. Women who have attitudes towards health, eco-friendly purchases, wanting to feel beautiful and youthful, and also by persuasion of having Taylor Swift endorsing the product. The advertisement has used many advertising techniques that will encourage and convince possible consumers to buy that brand. A phrase that is used repeatedly, lacking originality. Covergirl explains that beeswax replaces heavy synthetics in their newest mascara. Alliteration The repetition of initial consonant sounds. Alliteration is used repeatedly in the ad. Examples include, 'Luxurious lashes', 'mousse mascara' and 'new naturluxe'. The ad uses alliteration on these certain words to draw attention to them so the consumer will be drawn in. time will tell at the speed of light in a jiffy a waste of time
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