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No description

nang khang

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of SMS(texting)

SMS(TEXTING) It was invented in 2010. It was invented for people to contact people. It was invented by David Wolber. He lives in Sacramento and he really like to create stuff. Matti did not keep the original designs
and did not even bother to patent the invention. It is the good way because people need to contact each other. When you’re about to get kidnapped you can called for your mom and dad help. The impact of the intervention is study estimates the benefit that Indian farmers derive from market and weather information delivered to their mobile phone by a commercial service called Reuters Market. Yes there are lots of similar that are not good like this one. There are lots of phone that can’t go this but this year there are lots of phone that can go faster. The phone is getting old and people don’t like to buy it. There are people that like games they still like to use it because it can get games in it. I would add how they get this idea to make the phone to help people get some contact with their friends. Are the people that create this still alive or not cause we want to know him.
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