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How Did The Catapult Effect Rome?

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Aly Warneke

on 5 May 2016

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Transcript of How Did The Catapult Effect Rome?

How did the catapult impact an engineer's status in society?

Engineers were looked down upon in society. Until, the creation of the catapult. Kings got scared and afraid that their kingdoms would be attacked. They started to appreciate engineers for their smarts and know hows on catapults. The engineers then began to bulid different types of catapults.
How Did The Catapult Effect Rome?
By: Jillian, Alyson, Jaiden, and Maleah
How did the catapult impact the government of Rome?
The catapult impacted the Roman army by giving them a extra weapon to defeat more city-states and kingdoms and made the city feel more protected.
Fun Facts
How did the cataplt impact the Roman army?
How did the catapult impact the expansion of Roman territory?
The catapult gave the Romans the ability to defeat more kingdoms and city-states.
How did the catapult impact Caesar Augustus in protecting the empire?

How did the catapult impact the jobs of the Romans?
Engineers became more important and engineers had a lot more opportunity's to work.

How did the catapult impact the food supply of the Romans?
When the Romans conquered a place, they

would raid villages for food and bring it back to the base.
How did the catapult impact the Romans ability to increase trade?
Because Rome traded through its empire and all of the cities that they conqured were in Romes empire so trade increased.

How did the catapult impact the morale of Rome during wartime?
They seized city-states because they were the first to create the catapult. Most the of the city-states were left with no defense, epically with the catapults that would hurl/ throw projectiles. It also made the society feel safer with advanced technology.
Alexander used a torsion catapult that throws stones to break down enemy walls.
How did the catapult impact the decisions of Roman leaders.
How did the catapult impact the construction of Roman buildings and monuments?
The catapult helped the army and the city defend itself from other armies.
The walls were meant to be built 15 feet thick in case a projectile was thrown into them, it would take longer to go through. Also, the ditches had to be built 500 feet away from the city walls. The Roman's would hide their soldiers in the ditches during attacks.
Where and when to attack and what type of catapult would help them win.
How did the catapult impact the transformation of Rome from a republic to an Empire.
Since they were the ones who created the catpult, they could destroy cities.
Where and when to attack and what type of catapult would hel
Used for hurling stones or other objects
Comes from Greek words "kata" and "pultos
3 different catapults
Medieval catapults
Most popular in Middle Ages
Often put on higher ground to shoot farther
Many designs came from other catapults
Military is the area that was most effected by the catapult. The catapult was originally invented to serve as a militarily weapon. They shoot projectiles such as stones and other things. The
military used them to attack other city-states who hadn't used the technology yet. They overpowered them and captured them. Also, when Rome would be attacked, they had advanced weaponry.
Romans had the opportunity to observe and copy Greek techniques{280-275 B.C.}
In the century after the one in which the Syracusions invented the catapult, Syracuse was home to the great scientist Archimedes{264-146 B.C.}
3 catapults
In early Artillery Tower: Messenia, Biotia, Attica, Megarid, "Josh Ober says the weapon was invented in 399 B.C.Sicily.
The weapon was soon after employed against Motya, a key Carthaginian stronghold{397 B.C}
How did the catapult impact the jobs of the Romans?
Eegineers became more important and they got more oppertunites to work.
How did the catapult impact the food supply of the Romans?
When the Romans conqured other places, they would raid it for food and the catapult helped knock down the walls so they could get the food.
How did the catapult impact the Romans ability to trade?
The Romans expanded trade through their land. when they captured a place, they will trade there, there forth, expanded their trading terriotry.

New defense systems rendered catapults ineffective{885-886AD}
The Mangonel was invented by the Romans in 400B.C.
Diodorus described the catapult {399 B.C.}
The Chinese invented the Trebuchet which was the most powerful catapult in 300 B.C.
The Trebuchet arrived in Europe around 500 A.D.
Catapults are used to research the past on Romans and Greeks {-2016}
Impact on Rome
Impact on Today
The Romans used catapults for multiple areas of life. Romans used them in Military, it helped them politically, it also in impacted society and economy. In the military, it was a war weapon that they used to launch projectiles. That not only help them win battles but conquer city-states. This gave who ever was in power, extra territory to rule and more power. The catapult also made the society feel safer. They felt as if they had a better army and more protection. Catapults could onlybe made by peopel who understood how to make them. Engineers took this opportunity to get noticed.
Catapults are used for research
Catapults are used for many events
Today, we do not hurl projectiles anymore, but we do use them to enjoy and compete with catapults
catapults are used in target practice to shoot clay pigeons in the air
smaller catapults can be used to launch food at siblings
one of the most common uses is launching planes in the air
Engineers know how catapults work
Catapults are used in the same way
Catapults are still made the same way
Catapults are still used for the military.
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