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Keller Willams Realty Biltmore Partners

AD Campaign

Dom Kaiser

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Keller Willams Realty Biltmore Partners

What is Keller WIlliams? Keller Williams Biltmore Partners is the highest rated in customer satisfaction for three years. Keller Williams Biltmore Partners is The nations twenty third rated real estate branch out of the 830 Keller Williams branches in the U.S. Keller Williams Biltmore Partners is located right in the heart of Scottsdale right down the road from the famous Scottsdale fashion square. There is only one Keller Williams Biltmore Partners. KWBP has one goal, customer satisfaction, which they have succeeded n for three years. Keller Williams was started in 1983 by Garry Keller who’s famous quote is” Do it or don’t”. The company has been setting the pace for all the other real estate companies since they have started, with award winning custom homes and customer service. The company is currently advertised in many TV ads and websites. Their tag line is “we are committed to a bigger better future for all”. The company is running perfect, but I feel is missing one thing, better advertising, they are totally leaving out facebook and better TV commercials. They need to grab the buyers attention and throw there name out more They need to leave there name everywhere, on busses, flyers, and websites.

We will be keeping a check list of all the necessary goals and objectives that are needed to make the company stronger. OBJECTIVES OF THE CAMPAIGN We are commited to a bigger better future for all. Our Target Market? The target market that we are trying to reach is the new home buyer. If there is anyone in this market that needs help it’s a first time home buyer. Much like a first day of, the new home buyer is a little shy and has little knowledge of what is important in this market. Possibly you ADVERTISING MEDIA SELECTION FOR THE CAMPAIGN We will be using two different type of advertising. We will use TV commercials and facebook interactive advertising. Instead of the average boring real estate commercial we will add some humor and eye opening facts about first time home buying. It will also feature the home buyer Gary Keller! Facebook advertisements are simple. On the right side of the page there will be a box that says “first time home buyers be warned”. Once clicked it will take the firstime home owner to a page that list all the facts of the right and wrong things a fist time home owner should do. SCHEDULES OF PLANNED ADVERTISING The first TV commercial will be listed on every commercial break on the QVC and channel because of the many home improvement shows and home buying shows. SCHEDULES OF PLANNED SALES
PROMOTIONS This campaign will last approximately 3 months and will hopefully increase our business sales by 40% to 50%. BUDGET Television advertising is about 399 dollars per commercial and we are trying to perform a full television take over. Facebook advertising is approximately 149 dollars a month which we will also be participating in.

Luckily this is such a successful branch we have a budget of 1.5 million dollars. We will evaluate the results by keeping a close watch on our first and second quarter sales profit. The campaign will benefit the customer in two ways. First buy supplying the customer with the right knowledge of what and what not to look for when buying a home. Second the campaign will benefit customer by providing them with the proper guidance of a well trained agent who is ready for anything. STATEMENT OF BENEFITS TO THE CLIENT BIBLIOGRAPHY http://www.wpromote.com/socialboost1
Appendix - 79,000-plus associates throughout the US and Canada work hard every day to help educate and empower their customers to make more informed decisions about the health, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability of their homes and communities.
- The most important part of a commercial is grabbing the attention of the viewers. People can watch TV for many reasons including reference. Some one can turn on the qvc network for knowledge about home buying and se our ad and gives business for exchange of happiness and knowledge.
- The viewer of a commercial has a better understanding of a company by the commercial. This is affected in many ways production value, attention grabbing, and not being to annoying. We need to master all three of these measures to have an affective ad campaign.
- This campaign absolutely shows real creativity and uses a unique and effective approach as we intended. By: Domenick Kaiser &
Andrew Farris http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/Keller-Williams-Realty-Biltmore-Partners/186735771343033?sk=wall
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