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Book Report of the novel "Hatchet" by Ethan Zimny

Ethan Zimny

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Hatchet

by Ethan Zimny "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen
Book Report Plot Characters Setting Moral Brian is going to see his dad and gets stranded when his plane crashed.
He survives the crash, and now he has to look after himself in the woods.
He finds the hatchet that his mom gave him before he left and uses it to
help find food and make a shelter.
He is alone in the woods for about 2 months.
When he finds a survival
pack with a radio in it, A fur buyer hears the signal from the radio and
rescues Brian. He goes home to his Dad. Brian - the main character - 13 yr old boy
Brian's Mom - sends Brian to see his Dad
Brian's Dad - lives in the oil fields - Brian is coming to see him
Fur Buyer - rescues Brian from the woods The story takes place in a forested area near the oil fields of northern Canada. The moral of the story is:
If you want to survive, you can, if you try hard enough. Timeline The story takes place in modern times and
over the period of roughly 2 months.
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