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Vegetarianism 1

No description

Marissa Dean

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Vegetarianism 1

Double click anywhere & add an idea Purpose Identify reasonings behind vegetarianism Methodology Introduction Objectives Limitations Nutritional Concerns
Reasons Commitment
Dining Out Social Settings Relationships Purchasing Conclusion Recommendations "I had watched a movie called EARTHLINGS. This video showed the treatment
of animals in farms and slaughter houses. The conditions are terrible; it reminded me
of the Holocaust" (Juniper, 22). "Honestly, I hate the taste and texture of meat. I tell people that I am a vegetarian and they give me weird looks like I'm a freak, but it's really for no other reason than I hate the texture" (Adrienne, 41). "Well I have Gastro Paresis, so my stomach digests really super slow. Meat, especially fatty meat like red meats are really hard to breakdown, so my system just doesn't move fast enough to break it down" (Sarah, 26). "Oh yeah sure. I eat all fish. To me that's enough meat. I really have stayed away from meat though. I suppose my system wouldn't like it too much if I started eating it again" (Steven, 62)! " I don't eat any red met and any pork. I can eat a little bit of chicken and turkey, poultry that are usually leaner and easy to process, but I just don't eat any red meat" (Sarah, 26). "I have every vitaminand calcium pill, but my body doesn't need those levels anymore, once your body gets used to your diet, your body doesn't require what people think it usually does" (Crystal, 20). "I guess my body is just used to it...what I learned recently about how you get your protein [is] that you get enough protein by eating everything that is not meat, you just get more in meat. It's more concentrated I guess" (Brody, 22). "I only lasted 2 months...I experienced weakness and inner body adjustment. I also lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks" (Juniper, 22). "At times I felt refreshed, had improvements with my skin, and felt energized and then other times it was a nightmare. The loss of weight was a huge issue, moments of weakness affected other areas of my life and my body had some serious adjusting to do which was not very comfortable at times" (Juniper, 22). "If I wanted to go to McDonalds and get fries that's all I can get there. Like even all their salads have meat in them. SO I don't eat just fries as my meal" (Brody, 22). "At restaurants you are the mercy of the kitchen because you have to hope or pretend there is not meat" (Liz, 21). "I have been places where they have told me things are vegetarian, but they use chicken broth. So you have to enquire further about what things are cooked with" (Crystal, 20).
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