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Book Report

Crescendo Book Report

Jocelyne Lugo

on 25 February 2011

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Transcript of Book Report

Crescendo Characters Setting Plot Patch Nora Vee Marcie Scott Rixon Hank Miller Harrison Grey Nora's House Cold Water High Devil's Hangbag Marcie's House Nora reunites with scotty the potty. Nora finds out Scott is a Nephilim. Patch is seeing Marcie. Marcie tells Nora that Hank Miller is her dad. Nora recives a letter and a ring saying that the Black hand killed her dad. Rixon tells Nora the black hand is Patch. Main character Nora's best friend Nora's guardian angel/boy friend. Marcie's dad Nora's "dad" Nora's old friend who's dead Friendenemy Nora's mom Self explanatory Patch's closets friends is also a fallen angel. Conflict Nora dosen't trust Patch, she thinks Patch is the black hand. Climax Patch sends Rixon to hades. Theme Nora touches Rixon's back (where his wings use to be) and finds out the truth. Rixon killed her "dad" and wants to kill Nora. Rixon wants to kill Nora. Patch saves Nora. Nora thinks Patch is seeing Marcie. The archangels aren't allowing Patch to be with Nora. Patch is innocent. Amusement park. Never dought others when they're telling you the truth.
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