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A Beautiful Mind Analysis

For School

Alex Harrington

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of A Beautiful Mind Analysis

Analysis by Alex Harrington Plot -John Nash(Russel Crowe) is a mathmatician in Princeton
University who is searching for an idea to make a name for himself and to put his genius mind to good use. -He invents a new theory of economics and becomes
well-renowned for his brilliant mind -He meets his roomate, Charles, who helps him find frienship, relax, and leads him to a new idea. Plot Continued -He is put to work by the Department of Defense, and placed under the watch of a federal spook named William Parcher (Ed Harris) -John Nash is tasked with decoding Soviet messages hidden in news articles which seem to indicate a plan to detonate an atomic bomb in the United States -Despite Parcher's advice to remain unattached, John gets married to a student (Jennifer Connelly) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is where he works when not given top secret assignments. J -John begins to feel paranoia and terror after Soviet spies attempt to assassinate him The T W I S T -John Nash is actually a schizophrenic and has suffered from delusions since his days at Princeton -William Parcher, Charles, and even his roomate's neice are all figments of his imagination. (Insert Inception Music Here.) WHEE! Ending -After months of denial after being released from a mental institution, John finally realizes he is losing his mind when he stops taking his medication and sees his imagined friends again. His roomate's neice never got any older, so like a true mathmatician, he saw the truth through logic. -John reenrolls in Princeton and after months of dealing with his delusions he trains his mind to conquer them. -John repairs his strained relationship with his wife and wins the Nobel Peace prize for his struggles against his own mind. Media Techniques -The camera angles worked extremely well for the overall effect of the movie. It showed John from close up a lot, displaying his odd quirks and ticks. -The movie was shown from John's perspective for a long time. This maintained the illusion that his delusions were real when he talked and interacted with them. It forshadowed the fact that he might not be sane, but still maintained the glimmer of hope that everyone was being fooled by the government. But as we saw the perspective change from John's to another's very suddenly, we saw that his view was distorted by delusions. -The music created a very tense and suspenseful atmosphere throughought the movie. Themes -This movie showed the power of the human mind. First it showed it's the power it had over John, and then when John honed it's abillity to conquer itself. -The film displayed the danger of genius and the sacrifices someone must make to have a beautiful mind. But as John displayed as he fought to recover, it takes a beautiful heart to set the mind to do good in the world. How does this movie shape or reflect American Society? John's delusions of adventure and excitement are reflected in many Americans who wish their life was different somehow. Americans wish their life could be exciting, glorifying, and most importantly that it means something. While John's search for meaning took a turn from dreams into his reality, he is a reflection of all Americans searching for the excitement within the American Dream. What is the relationship between
place and the movie? While the actual place isn't incredibly important because it could have happened anywhere, the time period is vital to the crisis given to John. It took place during the Cold War, a time when Americans feared total annilation from the Communists. John's mind supplied him with what seemed like a legitmate purpose. To save America from the Soviet threat. What makes this movie an American Movie? -The first and most obvious reason is it takes place in America -It shows many aspects of the American Dream, like the possibility of success that John sought. -It follows America during a difficult time and shows the patriotism that we all want to have for our country. We see this beleif in John's Nash's delusions, as he saw so many Americans working to halt the Soviet terror. My Opinion I really enjoyed this movie and the intrigue and suspense it offered throughought the whole thing. I really connected with John, who was simply a dreamer who's dreams became reality. I loved the ending and admired all the work that was obviously put into this movie. It intrigued me enough to want to read the book, which is no easy task most of the time. But I thought the story was amazing and I would love to experience it again and again! THANK YOU FOR
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