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1989 Berlin Wall

No description

Julia Heil

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of 1989 Berlin Wall

1989 Berlin Wall What is the Berlin Wall? Purpose Motives and Who Was Involved The Berlin Wall was defined as a physical separation between West Berlin and East Germany. It was constructed by the Russians in 1961 because they wanted to stop the Germans in the east from escaping to the west. The official purpose of this Berlin Wall was to keep Western "fascists" from entering East Germany and undermining the socialist state, but it primarily served the objective of stemming mass defections from East to West. East German authorities begin to build the wall to close off access to the west. East Germany lost too many skilled workers in these years. General Facts About the Wall The Berlin Wall was deemed the "Wall of Shame" for its restrictions on freedom During the construction of the Berlin Wall, the National People's Army (NVA) set up chain fences, walls, and minefields to prevent refugees from getting to the other side. Effects of the Berlin Wall Many families were split Approximately 3,200 people were arrested More than 160 people were killed People in East Berlin had to quit their jobs if they were employed in West Berlin Two major reasons for the building of the Wall: The total length of the Berlin Wall was 96 miles, and was guarded with 302 watch towers Numerous tunnels were built as an escape method, which allowed 150 East Berliners to successfully escape 1) Economics: East Germany was losing well-educated people that moved to West Berlin to get paid more money for jobs. West Germany was making money off of East Germany's investment. 2) Political: West Berlin had too much interference with the East Side, or the Russian Sector. Western Countries used Berlin as a "spy center" to spy on the Eastern block. East and West Germany were involved. The 4 sectors that Berlin was divided into belonged to France, Great Britain, and the US. Essential Question: The Berlin Wall was destroyed in the 80s to reunite East and West Germany. How do you think people felt after being physically separated by a wall, and why do you think so many people had the desire to cross this barrier to get to the other side?
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