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Speedo UK campaign

No description

George Georgiev

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Speedo UK campaign

AB socio-economic category for performance-oriented products
C2 group for fashion-oriented products Online Offline 1. Findings 2.6 Budget 2. Campaign Slogans: "Catch the spirit of Speedo!" and "Reality is just a word"

Related creature: Dragon

Colors: Blue, red and black

Copy platform: We want customers to believe in Speedo's power and design

To keep Speedo brand in front of customers' minds after the Olympics by combining two factors: performance and fashion
To increase sales & market share in the UK

We want a reader/viewer/listener to head back to our website, engage and eventually buy our products. Press Bus ads Billboards placed both outside and inside the underground station as well as gyms Booklets Speedo = Top Quality + High Performance 2.2 Events Website Production Cost Website
Mobile App
Social media accounts
Online Banners
Outdoor advertising
Print ads including booklet
Bus ads
Fashion show
Measurement cost Swimming is a general activity for everyone. Although the main target group is the age category of 20-40 Mobile application Advertising focuses on relevant sport fashion magazines, online and social media rather than television ads because it is cost-inefficient Metropolitan cities and touristic places have more importance £80k
£50k (AB - Managerial and professional group) (C2 - Skilled workforce group) Media Cost Online advertising (Google, Facebook)
Outdoor advertising
Fashion and sports websites
Bus ads £200k
£400k Total Production Cost Time: Beginning of September 2.5 Measurement Fashion Show Creating a new fashionable image for Speedo What is the purpose of this show? What are the benefits of it? Increased brand awareness Widened target group Improved customer engagement What about the place? Old Billingsgate Market is the most impressive venue of London Great location: First zone, near the river Fantastic shape for the fashion shows Cool and big! Total Media Cost How will it look like? Special 3D technology called "Augmented Reality" will be used. Subtotal £2,540,000 Why different website? Virtual swimming race Purpose To encourage customers to participate in the event
To emphasize performance Benefits Online advertising (Facebook and Google) Facebook To create video that connects online and off-line media
To expand the event with an impressive activity Online and offline marketing integration through videos Twitter Why Twitter? How does it work? Campaign objectives (SMART) Whole race will be recorded and then uploaded to YouTube and the campaign website AIDA model used Banners Attention: to increase the target audience's awareness of the brand by 20%
Interest: to raise the customers' interest in Speedo's products by 35%
Desire: to make the consumers need and desire the company's products (25%)
Action: to encourage potential buyers to search for Speedo's products and eventually make a purchase (20%) 2.3 Advertising Supports the idea News on 2012 Olympics
Products' features
Pictures, videos
Social media news Like it, Reveal it, Win it. Cooperation with designers
Fashion trends
Pictures, videos
Fashionable living
Women’s and Men’s fashion Overall Creative Theme Healthy lifestyle
Sports activity
Fashion Around 18- 20 pages
Name: Speedo’s Magazine
Quantity 5000 each edition
Quarterly (2 editions during the campaign period)
Given out in stores and online together with the products purchased
QR code and the website address
News regarding fashion and performance events Fashion-
related section Game: Leave reality! Provides all the information together Gets customers to the same point Contributes to the measurement of the campaign Performance- related section Blog Event news Current and forthcoming events
Detailed information about the events
Reviews and comments from the events and actions Blog Guests will compete with Michael Phelps - Push The Limit swimming game on big screens Swimming pool directory Swimming tips What is the purpose? Customer engagement Make people spend time on the website What is the concept? Why are they going to play it? Simple
Addictive There will be a prize for the high scorers. What is the purpose? Easier access to information from the website
Access to the game on mobile devices Everything sounds good but how are we going to measure the performance?! Idea Financial measurements Sales
Market reports of third party companies Social and online measurements Traffic of the website
Customers' engagement on social media accounts
Social media monitoring Intangible benefits Customer surveys Competitions
Collecting the data To support online and offline integration
To enable Speedo to reach more people
Focusing on the consumers' interests (Using the name of our competitors and sports as keywords)
Paying per impressions, rather than per clicks Help us to reach main target group of people Catch the Spirit QR Codes
Limited amount of discounts To focus on the main target group
To increase the awareness Age group Relative market size Swimming magazines Fashion magazines Lifestyle magazines £1290k £1250k 15.08.2012 15.02.2013 Campaign length: 6 months TIMELINE Agency Fee (%10) £254k Total Cost: £2,794,000 Swimming
Cycling Chasing the dragon, representing the spirit by To engage with fans and get our message through quickly Why YouTube? Intelligent advertising Why magazines? Campaign Findings Advertising Website Main events Offline Online Budget Measurements Timeline Questions Rotten Strawberries Marketing campaign
proposal 10.01.2012 Holidays
Hot deals
Products’ features
Social media news Website (C'td) Youtube Questions Thank you ! As there are no more questions one more video !
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