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TARC-ACCA Conference

No description

Jeremy Toh

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of TARC-ACCA Conference

• It creates a bond between Genting Group and TARC

• Be a part of the inspiration and development of future accountants

• Supporting our initiatives to enrich students’ campus life, learning

• It gives an oppotunity for the less fortunate students to attend the conference

• Opportunity for talent scouting and recruitment. Untapped market of talent in TARC

• Exposure, marketing

• Corporate Social Responsibility Why sponsor us? Our own CSR: Leprosy Centre Sungai Buloh 1969 2005 1971 2007 2011 Foundation Day The College commenced operations with the pioneer intake of 320 students at the School of Pre-University Studies ...where the Diploma in Commerce students were prepared simultaneously for the examinations of ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), UK. Establishment of School of Business Studies Mr Allen Blewitt, Chief Executive of ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), presented the ACCA Premier Plus Status Award to Ms Yoong Lai Thye, Principal of TAR College. ACCA Premier Plus Status Award ACCA Platinum Status Award TAR College was awarded the Platinum Status, the highest level of accreditation from ACCA. The College also celebrated 20 years of excellence as an ACCA Approved Partner offering Internally Assessed programme since 1987. TAR College is the only institution outside of UK and Ireland to be accorded this special privilege to conduct the ACCA Internally Assessed programme and remain so to this day. Upholding Platinum Status TAR College continues to excel in Professional Accountancy Education with ACCA Platinum Status. The Award is the highest level of accreditation from ACCA to universities and colleges globally under the ACCA’s Approved Learning Partners – student tuition programme. ACCA - TARC JOURNEY TARC-ACCA Student Conference
2013/14 Students' Achievements 2009 2011 2012 YOU, BETTER! Be Only Date: 14th - 16th June 2013 (Friday-Sunday) What's coming up this year? Guest's Speech by ACCA Sherlock Holmes Team Building Games NLP Speech Crafting Stand up comedy Power of
Persuasion days nights 3 2 Prom Night Hotel Facade Deluxe Room Grand Ballroom Swimming Pool Function Room TARC-ACCA Student
Conference Journey 2006 2009 2008 2010 2012 What we did last year? What about this year? ACHIEVEMENTS: Orphanage Home Visit Zoo Negara Volunteers 154,000 members in 170 countries
432,000 students worldwide
One of the globally recognised professional qualifications since 1971

more than 8,000 ACCA graduates

more than 7000 students taking accountancy courses at any time

Platinum status since 2007

The ONLY academic institution that runs ACCA’s internally assessed programme outside the United Kingdom and Ireland since 1987

11 book prize winners from June 2007 to June 2012 • To provide an insight into the benefits of professional accountancy qualification - ACCA

• To explore individual participant’s strengths, opportunities

• To foster bonds among juniors and seniors of TARCians of main campus and branches

• To become a better public speaker and strategist in preparing students to contribute to the society Objectives Sports Education We CARE Team Underprivileged
and Disabled Environment Genting CSR THANK YOU
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