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Principle Centered Leadership

No description

Tina Moore

on 22 June 2010

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Transcript of Principle Centered Leadership

Principle Centered Leadership
by: steven r. covey Organizational-Alignment Managerial-Empowerment Interpersonal-Trust Personal-Trust Four Levels with Key Principles Alternate Life Centers Security Wisdom Guidance Power Family Money Possessions Spouse Self Church Enemy Friend Pleasure Work 3 Resolutions 1. Overcome the restraining forces of appetites and passions, I resolve to exercise self-discipline. 2. Overcome the restraining forces of pride and pretentions, I resolve to wirk in character and competence. 3. Overcome the restraining forces of unbridled aspiration and ambition, I reslove to dedicate my talents and resources to noble purposes and to provide service to others. Law of the Farm Prepare the ground cultivate Plant the seed Weed Water Reap the Harvest The Law of the Harvest governs Moral COmpassing Values are maps, prinicples are territories. Leaders determine how closely our values are aligned with correct principles. Inaccurate maps can be a source of frustration. Relationships are more
important than people. Leadership Style Principle-Centered
Power Utility Power Coercive Power Honor Fairness Fear Sustained Proactive
Influence Functional Reactive
Influence Temporary Reactive
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