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4th out of the dark by H.Farmer

to send you are going to share then invite ppl then type in myates@cullmancats.net in the email thing and send to mrs,yates

hannah farmer

on 5 April 2010

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Transcript of 4th out of the dark by H.Farmer

summary Out of the dark is a book for girls . it helps girls with every day struggles such as losing a parent, drugs, friends dating, depression, prepressure and school author the author of out of the dark is amanda doering tourville. doering is actully her madden name. this is a picture of amanda tourville amanda tourville lives in eagan, minnesota amada is maried and is 29 years old. in her spare time she likes to read,paint,travel and take care of her guinea pig she has written 15 books under her madden name douring charators The main charators in out of the dark are Amanda Tourville and Dr,Roben setting the setting of the story is mostly at school. the reason I chose this book the resen i chose this book is cause i like reall true books. out of the dark credits i got my info. from the book out of the dark and from barnes and nobles .com and from jacket flap.com amanda touville lives in eagan, minnesota this is amanda tourville she is married and has written 15 books under her madden name doering she is 29 years old and in her spare time she likes to read, paint,travel, and take care of her guinne pig. out of the dark is about coping with emotional problems like divorsed parents dead parents depressstion drugs and dating this book is main ly for girls mrs. amanda
dr. roben when: present day
were: school and home. the reason i chose this book is cause of personal reason and cause my mom ask me to.
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