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1920's football helmets

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Rodolfo Garcia

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of 1920's football helmets

1920's-present football helmets
Rodolfo Garcia, Mchale Nnama, Ralph Curtis

1920's football helmets
In 1920 the soft leather helmets were invented. Not all players in the NFL had to wear leather helmets but some players wore leather helmets.
1950's football helmets
In 1950 the plastic helmet and internal padding came into the NFL. In 1955 the single face bar (now called face masks) was added to the plastic helmets. In 1956 the Cleveland Browns introduced the first appearance of a radio helmet.
2000's football helmets
In 2000 Riddell develops the revolution helmet designed to reduce concussions. In 2004 the NFL formally banned single bar helmets.
Today the NFL helmets have a chinstrap impact indicator that is designed to identify head injury. Also the NFL allows players to make their own football helmets for example, New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck made his own face mask called Tuck custom which is the first helmet on the right.
1980's football helmets
In 1980 the shells were molded into polycarbonate shells. In 1984 the first appearance of protective visors were introduced. 1986 the first polycarbonate helmet was introduced.
1990's football helmets
In 1990 the polycarbonate and face mask grill were officially introduced to the NFL. In 1998 the NFL requires face mask to be transparent.
1960's football helmets
In 1960 the plastic helmets and double bar face masks were invented and introduced to the NFL. In 1962 face masks were worn by every NFL player.
1970's football helmets
In 1970, energy absorbing helmets were introduced. In 1971 Riddell adds air bladders to soften impact. In 1975 full face masks were brought in to the NFL.
1930's football helmets
In 1930 the hard leather style helmets were introduced and still players didnt have to play with helmets but some players did. In 1939 the John T. Riddell company developed and patented the first plastic helmet.
1940's football helmet
In 1940 the hard leather, first graphic helmets were introduced with chinstraps. In 1943 the National Football League required all players to wear helmets. In 1949 plastic helmets were offically adopted by the NFL.
Present football helmets

1: How has 1920's football helmets influenced future football helmets? By studying the amount of concussions and head injuries that occured in the 1920's, it influenced the invention of the safer and more protective helmets we have today.
2: What is the significance of football helmets today? Football helmets are important today because if football players don't wear helmets then they could get hit in the head and get killed or severely injured.
3: After researching your topic, what have you learned that you can now apply to your life? Always wear a helmet.
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