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Mind map essay

No description

Mandy Huang

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Mind map essay

Canada and International Events Canada's commitment to social justice To what extent have Canada and Canadians responded effectively to international security issues. THESIS:
Canada has responded effectively to international security issues by contributing a significant amount of peacekeeping throughout the world and fights issues that threatens human rights. Canada may not have the most effective response, but it is very essential in maintaining international security. Canada and 9/11 Challenges Concluding Statement By: Mandy Huang Mind Map Essay Military Alliances and Agreements Joined military defence organizations, agreements and treaties with other countries for protection from outside threats.
Promote peaces and human rights, fights issues that may threaten stability in governments.
The Ottawa Treaty - banned the use of landmines. Humanitarian Aid Provided in response to crises, and to protect human dignity.
Military actions are used only for defence.
DART was created by the Canadian government; can quickly reach the disaster areas to provide people in need with medical treatment and emergency supplies.
This saved many lives over the years from numerous countries. The Responsibility to Protect UN memers' duty to help people when human rights are harmed, despite national borders.
Governments feared the UN would use this principle to interfere in a country's internal affairs.
Canada participated in promoting this idea, and it was finally adopted by the UN in 2005. Peacekeeping Canada is involved in many international events through participating and promoting peacekeeping.
e.g., Canadian peacekeepers in Yugoslavia, Somalia, Rwanda, etc.
Provided humanitarian relief for refugees, disarm the warring clans, etc. International Organizations Canada, along with the U.S. and many European countries, formed NATO in 1949. It was the first alliance Canada joined.
Canada is a founding member of the United Nations.
A leading role in promoting peace and fight world issues. Canada's Response The Canadian Air Force helped co-ordinate the temporary grounding of 2400 commercial flights in American airspace during 9/11.
Canada and other NATO countries increased their forces in Afghanistan. Changes Created the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority.
strengthened aviation, marine and rail security in Canada.
Introduced the Anti-Terrorism Act in 2001. Debates 118 Canadian soldiers had dies in Afghanistan by the end of April 2009.
High financial cost ($18 billion)
Prime Minister Stephen Harper – “As 9/11 showed, if we abandon our fellow human beings to lives poverty, brutality, and ignorance, in today’s global village, their misery will eventually and inevitably become our own.” In response to many major international events, Canada participate in social justice and international security by promoting peace and humanity, and works to resolve global challenges. Canada and 9/11 Canadians viewed Canada and other NATO countries increasing the forces as approving the invasion of Iraq.
Many Canadians feared that Canada might experience attacks similar to 9/11.
Canada's Reputation Canada's peacekeeping record was tarnished when some peacekeeping members committed violent acts against citizens in Somalia.
"Maher Arar"
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