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periodic table of elements

No description

Nicole Vallejo

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of periodic table of elements

By: Nicole Vallejo Group 2: Alkaline Earth Metals or Beryllium Family. Beryllium,Be In 1798 in France, Rene Hauy saw some same characteristics in the property of the beryl and the emerald. Then Vauquelin discovered that when you mixed emerald and beryl then it creates a sweet tasting substance.
Even though it has a sweet tasting it, their compounds are very toxic and can cause cancer. Interesting Facts This Group has the next elements:
Beryllium Be
Magnesium Mg
Calcium Ca
Strontium Sr
Barium Ba
Radium Ra This group have in common properties:
They have shiny solids, can conduct heat or electricity, they can be formed into sheets. Beryllium is often used in designs for nuclear weapons, the atomic bombs and thermonuclear explosives.

Beryllium is part of many things that we use know a days some of them are: cellphones, in the kitchen, and in laundry appliances. It's found in Mp3 players, desktop and portable computers and more. Beryllium has a light weight, a high absorption and a interesting nuclear cross section. It can be very stiff. Beryllium is rare so it cost a lot.
$748 per 100 grams.

Beryllium was called glucinium after the Greek word meaning "sweet" because of Vauquelin's description. He said that it had a sweet taste.

Only three countries use beryllium and this one are United States, China and Kazakhstan. It was discovered by Joseph Black, a Scottish physician, physicist and chemist. he recognized magnesia in 1755. Sir Humphrey discovered magnesium in 1808. Magnesium Mg Magnesium origin name comes from greek in the district called Magnesia. In this district there where abundance of magnesium, oxide and carbonate ores. Magnesium metal is light, silvery white,solid, and tough. This can react with oxidants. The eight most abundant element in the earth crust ad ninth in the universe.
Its not expensive. This element is used in
flash photography
incendiary bombs
also use for treating high blood pressure Interesting Facts
Magnesium can be found in pills, some plants and some fish.
Found in big deposits of magnesite and other minerals Calcium was discovered by Sir Humphrey in 1808. The origin name comes from the Latin word "calx" meaning lime.
Their compounds are: marble, chalk, limestone, lime etc. Calcium Ca Calcium is the 5th most abundant element in the earth's crust, that's why you can find it cheap. Is a silvery,very hard metallic element, is the basic component of plants and animals. This is essential for strong bones and teeth. Calcium is used in:
milk, cheese
vitamin D
cement,plaster etc.
for medicine Calcium is less chemically reactive than other alkaline metals. Interesting facts
Calcium is only found in living organisms
Is used to prevent osteoporosis and colon cancer. Strontium was recognized by Adair Crawford in 1790, in a mineral sample in Strontian.
The metal was isolated in 1808 by Sir Humphrey. Strontium, Sr A soft, silvery, metallic element,this reacts violently with water and air. It must be store out of contact with water and air. Strontium was named after the Scottish town of Strontian because this is found in the mines of this town. Strontium is used to make:
Ferrite magnets This element is abundant and its cheap. Strontium can be risk and radioactive it an cause tumors. Barium, Ba A soft silvery and white chemical metallic alkaline earth metal. This is poisonous and chemical reactive very dangerous. Barium origin comes from the Greek word "barys" this means heavy. Two times the name was change from barote to baryta and finally stayed as barium. This is element is used:
to help see cancer tumors, colitis
rat poison
spark plugs This element was discovered by Carl Scheele in 1774 and it was extracted by Sir Humphrey David in 1808. Barium is not expensive and it is abundant. Interesting Facts
This element is used by green fireworks and x-rays. Radium, Ra Radium was discovered Marie. S. Curie and h
is husband in the year 1898 in North Bohemia. A rare , shinning white, very high radioactive and it is a metallic element. It can cause even death. This element is used:
cancer radiotherapy
bright paintings The name radium origins from the Latin word "radius" meaning ray because of ray emitting power. Radium is expensive and its sort of rare. Interesting Facts:
Radium paint was used in the year 1900's to paint the numbers and sometimes the hands of the watches.
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