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Korean and Chinese Folktales

No description

Ethan Lee

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Korean and Chinese Folktales

Sim Chong- who became the eyes of her father
Activity 2
Find your a partner or partners.
Come up with a story that reflects the themes you've learned today.
Act it OUT.
The BEST One gets the PRIZE!
A Magic Paint Brush
Activities 1
Imagine a pen or pencil in front you has the magical power just as Ma Liang's paintbrush does.
Draw pictures to help your family (theme of filial piety).
Impact on Korean tradition and culture
Sim Chung who became the queen met her father.
Hero v.s Villain
When he used his magic painting brush to draw a cow......
The cow came to life and helped farmers to till lands.
Sim Chung dove into Indangsu.
In Ma Liang's dream, An old man appeared and gave him a magic paint brush.
Sim Chung came out from the lotus flower.
Ma Liang drew an island on the sea with lots of gold coins on it. He also drew hurricanes to blow the sailboat away.
What are the themes in the Story?
What inspired you?
Connection to the real world and present
A quote in Spiderman that says, "With great power comes great responsibility."represents one of the most famous concept mentioned in the comics of The Spiderman
No matter where in the world, benevolence and justice are always advocated and encouraged.
Though they were poor, Sim Chung and her blind father lived happily together.
People used to use Folk Tales or Bedtime stories to plant those positive ideas into their children's mind. Nowadays, besides Folk Tales, there are also movies and cartoons that express similar idea.
Filial piety
Any commends or questions?
Let's talk about the themes!
Korean and Chinese Folktale Land
Let's start the journey!
Jesa is a ritual or memorial to the ancestors of the participants. They gather on the anniversary of their ancestor's death.
Sons and daughters are obligated to bow to their parents, obey the parents' words, and use honorific words to the parents.
Examples in the story?
Sons and daughters have duties to support the material needs of their elders.
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