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Justinian For President!

No description

Marcus Esposito

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Justinian For President!

Justinian For President!
Accomplished and Experienced
Justinian ruled the Byzantine Empire from 527-565 A.D. During this time the Golden Age of the Byzantine Empire rolled around. Elect him and he will do the same for the U.S.A.
This is another one of his accomplishments. The Cyrillic alphabet has a one distinct sound and looks different from the rest of the letters. Over 50 modern alphabets are based on this alphabet.Elect Justinian and he can do so much more for our society.
Conquered Territories
In addition to restoring the might of the Roman Empire, he also restored its size. He conquered Southern Spain, Italy, North Africa, several Mediterranean Islands, and the rest of the Greek Peninsula. Elect Justinian for President and he will make this country a great empire.
Justinian is a proud supporter of a good education. He also has continued or bettered past education and encourages students to study law. Elect for a better education.
Womens Rights
Justinian supported his wife and thought of her as an equal. This led to the creation of many rights to women. Women in the Byzantine had some of the best rights around.
Orange is Justinian's conquests, the red is the previous sizer of the empire.
Arts and Architecture
Justinian started a citywide beautification project. In this time, the Byzantine empire flourished and had its Golden Age . During this time he also built the Hagia Sophia, a massive church, a work of artistic and architectural wonder. ( Met Museum)
Preservation of Roman Law
Justinian organized, and revised all the old Roman laws. He put all these laws into one book called Justinian's Code of Law. In this book there was all the new laws, all the old laws, Rome's best thinkers on law, and a textbook for law students all in one book. Elect Justinian and he will revise all of our bad laws.
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