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The Second Shepherds' Play

No description

Fatai Tuifua

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of The Second Shepherds' Play

The Second Shepherds' Play
Mystery Plays Vs. Morality Plays
The mystery plays are long cyclic dramas of the Creation, Fall, and Redemption of humankind, based mostly on biblical narratives

The morality plays are allegorical dramas depicting the progress of a single character, representing the whole of humankind, from the cradle to the grave and sometimes beyond. It usually consists of personified abstractions, such as the Vices and Virtues, Death, Penance, Mercy, .
Shepherds' Play or Shepherd's Play?
What do you think?

Please read from the handout:)
Wakefield Master & Mystery Plays
His identity is unknown, but because of his achievements, scholars refer to him as the Wakefield Master.
Also known as Towneley plays of the early 15th century, which were performed during the European Middle Ages at Wakefield as part of the summertime religious festival of Corpus Christi.
The cycles were generally financed and performed by the craft guilds and staged on wagons in the streets and squares of the towns.
Second Shepherd: Foreshadower
Abate argues that “Gyb is not simply one of the characters” in The Second Shepherds’ Play, “but a central one”.

Gib foreshadows the mockery of the sacred through a mock blessing. He foreshadows the cruel attitude of Mak’s wife through his complaints about being a husband and his misogynistic view of women.
Complaining Shepherds
Charitable Shepherds
I could show you better than I can tell you:)
Works Cited



Barren land
Cold winter
Slave as a husband
Social class issues
Child bearing
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