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If I Stay/Where She Went Lit. Project.

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Transcript of If I Stay/Where She Went Lit. Project.

The Reading Queens. If I Stay. By Gayle Forman. genre: science fiction. lexile: 830. / Where She Went. By Gayle Forman. genre: realistic fiction. lexile: 830. Katie Kennedy and Allie Miller. Exposition. We discover who Mia is and why she is important, and her families background. The reader is introduced to Mia's passion, the cello. The event that determines the rest of Mia's life occurs, and her mother, father and younger brother Teddy die in the car accident. Rising Action. Main Character: Mia. Other main character: Adam. Minor Characters: Mom, Dad, Teddy, WIllow, Gramps, Gran, Kim. Point of View: 1st person, from Mia in "If I Stay" and from Adam in "Where She Went." Conflicts: Man vs. Nature: Mia and her family vs. the truck driver who caused the accident. Man vs. Nature: Mia and her family vs. slippery roads + snowday. Man vs. Self: Mia vs. herself and the choice to either stay, or go. Mia's family comes to visit her in the hospital to support her. Adam comes too, but isn't allowed to see her right away. In "Where She Went," Mia gets accepted to Juilliard. Climax. Mia wakes up. In "Where She Went," Mia and Adam meet after Adam accidently attends one of Mia's concerts in New York City. Falling Action. Mia and Adam fall back in love after 3 years of not having any contact with each other. The two realize how much they missed each other and that they were both longing to be together. Resolution. Mia and Adam coordinate their tours so they can be with each other more often. Adam rids himself of his "prior commitments" so he and Mia can be together. How does the text say it? First person point of view, both Adam and Mia narrated the story. Interesting and unique vocabulary words such as: "conniption" and "putrefaction." Imagery: "Whenever I remember it, I just picture our tent, a little ship glowing in the night, the sounds of Mia's and my whispers escaping like musical notes, floating out on a moonlit sea." -Adam (175) Dramatic irony: "Because hadn't I told her? Hadn't I stood over her body and promised her that I'd do anything if she stayed, even if it meant letting her go? The fact that she'd been in a coma when I'd said this, hadn't woken up for another three days, that neither of us had ever mentioned what I'd said-that seemed almost irrelevant. I'd brought this on myself." -Adam (111-112) The genre of the "If I Stay" was science fiction, because when Mia was in the hospital in a coma, her "spirit" walked around and witnessed lots of things in the hospital, and that simply cannot happen. The genre of "Where She Went" was realistic fiction because the characters, setting and the plot were all realistic. Self-Text connections. We both could connect to when Mia mentioned that she doesn't look like her family because Allie has lighter hair and skin than her mom, dad, and sister, and Katie has darker hair and skin than her mom, Sister and brother. Allie could connect to when Mia talked about being close to her brother Teddy, because when she was little, her sister taught her how to play sports and she would get mad when other people tried to teach her. Katie can connect to when Mia and Adam meet after Mia's concert because she's run into people she did gymnastics with and haven't seen in a long time and has had nice conversations that caught her up on what was going on with the gym. World/Society Connections. The stories of "If I Stay" and "Where She Went" are similar to things that happen in the real world because sometimes, even without the life changing tragedy, couples go their separate ways even if it isn't what both of them want to do, but it may be the best choice. In the real world, victims of car accidents who are in comas and critical condition don't have "spirits" that walk around the hospital and witness their familys' reactions to their tragedy because it isn't possible. Katie can relate to the feelings Mia's family might have had when they saw Mia in the hospital, because when her brother was in the hospital after finding out he had diabetes, even though it was no where near the pain and devastation of losing three family members at once, there was a feeling of dread and disbelief that came along with the situation that she imagines Mia's friends and family felt as well. Text-Text connections. The novels we read were different from other books we've read because we usually read the romance/realistic fiction books and while "Where She Went" was indeed romance and realistic fiction, "If I Stay" was more of a science fiction/ fantasy book because of the parts where Mia is in her so-called "spirit" form while she is in a coma. "If I Stay" and "Where She Went" reminds Katie of the books she's read by Sarah Dessen because of the way she felt when reading them; anxious to get to the end to see if what she wants to happen does. We rated both "If I Stay" and "Where She Went" by Gayle Forman five stars. Anyone who enjoys sad/romance novels would enjoy "If I Stay" and "Where She Went" because both books are connected through the love Mia and Adam share for each other and their music. works cited. Forman, Gayle. If I Stay. Print. Forman, Gayle. Where She Went. Print.
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