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Mob Meeting - CCS

Customer Centric Selling

Shane Grevin

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Mob Meeting - CCS

Customer Centric Selling What it is
Michael Bosworth's tactical sales process
Selling skills to enable
* predictably generate more revenue w/o
increasing cost of sales Why important to us
* Puts us on level field with prospects
* Provides a common language internally
* Control of Sales Cycle
* Knowledge of what the competition is doing Buying Phases
* Solution development
* Evaluation
* Commitment Sales Cycle (Pipeline)
A Active
G Goal Shared
C Champion
E Evaluating
V/P Verbal/Proposal
W/L Win/Loss
* initial contact
* call introduction Goal Shared
* Goal Identification
* Solution Development Champion
* Qualify your Champion Evaluating Phone
Conference Meeting confirmed Build rapport / trust
* call prompter
* success Story Menu of goals
* save time
* save money
* speed to market establish a business value
use solution development prompters Skills
Deliverables Ensure dealing with economic buyer
Champion letter confirmed Key player conversations
establish solution match to biz value
clarify the single sales objective sequence of Events Verbal/Proposal stay in charge of the opportunity
make it a evolution rather than an event Migration plan
cost benfits
success metrics Close Give to get negotiation
Point to agreed milestones Contract! Goals
required capabilities
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