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Mayesha Awal

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Europe

European Countries: Italy History It was founded from
the Kingdom of Italy
to Italian Peninsula to
Italy Includes people of German,
French, Slovene-Italians, Albanian,
and Greek-Italians Dance: Tarentalla
Music: Opera
Instruments: Clarinet, violin, accordian, and small drums Culture
Traditional food: pasta and pizza Religion 85% are Roman Catholic and 25% are Catholic Geography Location:
Southern Europe, a peninsula
extending into the central
Mediterranean Sea
Average temperature 30°C/86°F.
Precipitation- snow, rain, sleet, hail. There are 33 languages,
but the main language is
Italian The population is
about 58,126,212
(last in July 2009)
and still growing... Government The flag is green,
white, and red.
The colors represent-
Green -- hope
White -- faith
Red -- charity

BY Mayesha
Awal :)
Who knew The type of
government is
republic The type of
money that
Italy uses
is Euros. Soccer is a
significant sport
in Italy Wars
Italian War of
1494–98 Italian War of
War of the League of
Cambrai Italian War of
1521–26 War of the League
of Cognac
Italian War of
1536–38 Italian War of
AND LAST... Italian War of
you sure???? NOT YET.... I HAVE AN IDEA!!! Landscapes
The Alps Hills and mountains
(Pianura Padana)
Mountains Plains to the
sea Folklore Little Red Hat The Most Sensitive
Women A Gentleman whom
the Emperor Had
Hung The Two
Humpbacks The Woman and
the Pear Tree
Hobbies Knit Cook Collecting Play Cards Important
People Michelangelo:
Leonardo da Vinci:
painter Galileo Galilei:
astronomer Imports:
Precious metals
Medicinal equipment
Industrial engines
Civilian aircraft parts
Organic chemicals Exports Tourists 43.7 million people
visit each year 4th highest tourist
earner Rome is a popular
tourist attraction Map of Italy YES IT IS....THE END
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