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Question 2:

No description

Thomas Pilsel

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of Question 2:

Question 2:
Examiner's Tip
DO analyse the language in the headline - what effect does it have?

DO NOT analyse the language in the text - just show that there is a semantic/lexical link
Band 4:
'offers a detailed interpretation of the effect of the headline'

'presents a detailed explanation and interpretation of what the picture shows and its effect'

'links the picture and the headline to the text with perceptive comments'

appropriate quotations'
Explain how the headline and picture are effective and how they link to the text.'
'Trapped Chilean miners: rescue drill reaches their refuge at last'
'Explain how the headline and picture are effective and how they link to the text.'
The headline is effective because it has uses powerful words like...'
explain the effect on the audience-
'...this creates the feeling...so it is effective because it is edgy...'
link to the text:
'This is repeated in the text...'
'The image illustrates the point being made in the text'
'Also, the way the flag is positioned suggests...'
Post-mock Tips
interpret the use of:
the words in the
the size and shape of the headline (low bands)
the punctuation used in the headline

interpret the use of:
- what does it show - the obvious things as well as the more subtle

explain the effect on the reader

find a link in the main text and include the quotation from the text in your perceptive response
explain the effect on the audience of the objects in the picture
The Headline:

The Picture:
'The picture is effective because it shows/ it uses/ it contrasts...'
Link to the text:
Links to the text:
the text fills in the details referred to in the headline and shown in the picture:
the size of the jellyfish
reference to the film
the revolting nature of the jellyfish
an explanation of the damage it can do
the numbers of them involved
e.g. 'armada' refers to a large number of ships at sea. The metaphor is explained in the text...
Post-mock number 2:
Spend most of your time analysing the language in the headline:

- why is it effective?
- what does it emphasise?
- is it sarcastic/ironic/hyperbolic?

Do the same for the picture!
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