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Honey's five team roles

No description

alfie harrison

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Honey's five team roles

Honey's five team roles
Peter Honey's idea of team roles was taken from Meredith Belbin's idea of 8 different roles in a team. Honey broke these down to five key roles
The ‘Leader’ who ensures that the team has clear objectives and makes sure everyone is involved and committed.
The Doer
The ‘Doer’ who urges the team to get on with the job in hand and does practical tasks.
The Leader
Image by Tom Mooring
The Challenger
Honey's Theory
The ‘Challenger’ who questions effectiveness and presses for improvement and results.
The ‘Thinker’ who produces carefully considered ideas and weighs up and improves ideas from others.
The ‘Supporter’ who eases tension and maintains team harmony.
The Thinker
The Supporter
By Alfie Harrison, Daniel Bint, Chloe Cadge, Niamh Meaney

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