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Creating an Effective Content Team

No description

Kathy Hanbury

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of Creating an Effective Content Team

Great content, engaged customers, and improved brand recognition. But, how? Understand
the Different
Content Roles Editorial Content
Marketing Content
Development Content
Publishing But what do they do? How do we get it all done? But each area needs
who is responsible Content
Assurance Be flexible,
and focused Sets overall voice and personality of content
Ensures that content reinforces brand
Establishes publishing schedule
Determines target content mix
Selects & solicits content
Makes final decisions about what content will be published Work closely
with other teams Web Corporate Communications Marketing Product Mgmt User Experience IT Business Analysts Creative Legal Translation @KathyHanbury Kathy Hanbury http://e3contentstrategy.blogspot.com/ http://www.e3contentstrategy.com Enters content into content management system.
Publishes according to editorial schedule and QA guidelines Content Publishing Defines content marketing strategy, opportunities, and methodology.
Promotes & distributes content to targeted audiences.
Repackages content (makes new content products from existing content).
Evangelizes and promotes content marketing best practices.
Engages in relevant social media conversations.
Defines content monetization strategy and guidelines.
Brings content marketing insights to editorial. Content Marketing Editorial Writes content.
Edits content.
Manages content development efforts of external contributors.
Assists in developing content-development support materials. Content Development Content Team Content
Governance Let's take a look... Defines content processes and policies.
Develops content support material. Content Governance Content
Strategy Evangelizes and promotes content strategy best practices.
Defines content goals, success metrics, and measurements.
Develops a content strategy to meet business requirements, opportunities, & user needs.
Assists in defining and developing content governance processes and support materials.
Adapts content requirements and strategy based on new insights.
Brings content strategy insights to editorial. Content Strategy And there needs to be a single person who keeps their eye on everything. Team
can wear
many hats... ... and have multiple
roles and responsibilites Great content, engaged customers, and improved brand recognition. Content Team Copy-editing
Fact checking
Link checking Content Quality Assurance
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