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The Looking Glass Wars

No description

Olivia Eagan

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of The Looking Glass Wars

Alyss Heart- The main protagonist. Driven out of her home in Wonderland by her Aunt Redd. She's thrown into the real world where she has a very hard time fitting in.
Hatter Madigan- Alyss' bodyguard who loses track of her when they fall down to portal to the real world. He makes it his mission to find Alyss again and return her to wonderland.
Redd Heart- The main antagonist. Alyss' evil aunt her murdered the king and queen (Alyss' parents) to gain control of Wonderland.
London, England
Paris, France
Alyss thinks her life is perfect, she's a princess and she gets everything she wants.
While Alyss' seventh birthday party is going on, her father and his men are on their way home from a meeting with a neighboring kingdom. They are ambushed mid-trek by Redd Heart's enemy soldiers. Alyss' father is killed.
Redd then proceeds to go to Alyss' party and kill everyone there, including Alyss' mother. Alyss herself is able to escape into the real world along with Hatter Madigan, her body guard. Dodge, Alyss' best friend is left behind to stay with Redd
Alyss and Hatter Madigan loose each other in the portal. Hatter is taken to Paris, France and Alyss is taken to London England.
Alyss wanders the streets alone as an orphan, but is soon adopted by the Lidell's and is given the name Alice.
She confides in a man named Reverend Dodgeson who she tells all about Wonderland.
Dodgeson twists the story to make it his own work of fiction
Meanwhile Hatter Madigan has made it his duty to find Alyss and return her to Wonderland
Rising Action
Dodgeson's book is published and no one believes Alyss' story of Wonderland
She soon begins to believe that is was all a dream and magic and Wonderland don't exist
After Thirteen years of searching Madigan find Dodgeson's book and tracks him down, finding Alyss along the way
He is soon wounded by Queen Redd assassin known as the Cat (who was sent by Redd to find and kill Alyss) and is returned to Wonderland
Dodge, Alyss' previous best friend who was left in Wonderland started an army called the Allyssians, named after their lost princess.
He is now a cold-hearted adult who only seeks revenge on The Cat, who killed his father
When Madigan returns to Wonderland Dodge himself goes through the portal to retrieve Alyss from the real world
Alyss is returned to Wonderland and is made the leader of the Alyssian's who are preparing for war against Queen Redd

Falling Action
The Looking Glass Wars
By Frank Beddor

Will Alyss be able to defeat her evil Aunt Redd and take back Wonderland? Will she die trying or even worse fail and let all of her people Down.
Will Dodge be able to avenge his fathers death or will he be torn apart by The Cat like so many others.
The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor to find out what happens next!

Powerful Execerps
“You can't spend so much time in a place and not carry a bit of it inside you.” -Alyss Heart
"Off with their heads!"-Redd Heart
“Most of life is unbearable. It’s unbearable but we bear it”
-Reverend Dodgeson
Intended Audience
If you like books about fantasy's and magical lands you'll like this book. It's also great for people that love an ongoing battle or a small love story.
lexile level 1010
Created By: Olivia Eagan
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