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Planet Brochure: Venus

No description

Timmy thorn

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Planet Brochure: Venus

Layer one
Layer 3
Composed of solid Nickle and iron.
Second layer
Are you planning for a vacation but don't know where you want yo go?
Do you want to go some where exotic, foriegn, and out of this word? (Literally and figuratively)
Well do I have the place for you!
The lovely planet of venus has just opened up its first ever resort. We are planning for our fist voyage to occur in the next month and the seats are filling up fast.
Since Venus is 38 million kilometers away from earth it takes us 3 months to fly there one way so we only offer package deals for 3,6,9, and 12 months because these are the regular intervals our spaceships arive.
Are you a night dweller?
Does the light from that pesky moon on earth bother you at night?
Well luckily for you, Venus is the only planet other then mars that doesn't have a moon.
Now I bet how much all of this is going to cost?
Well for a messily 10 million dollars you can reserve your seat on the next flight to the beautiful planet of venus!
Now an over view of Venus and a few facts about Venus and our resort!
The second planet from the sun.
(Also home of the universes best resort)
Location of the resort
Worried about the sulpheric acid reaction with the water in your body and dehydrating all of the carbohydrates and hydrocarbons in your body leaving you as a pillar of carbon?
Well don't worry. All of our facilities are in doors and if you have the diser to explore venuses surface we can provide you with special equipment to protect you from the sulpheric acid and the increased atmospheric pressure.
A few things that are provided at the Resort:
Do you want to relax in a hot steam bath? Well our saunas are heated by the heat that is radiated from venus's largest volcano, Maat Mons
complimentary carbondioxid due to venuses runaway green house effect
Indoor facilaties that include hotels, restaurants, and spas.
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