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Amy K prezi file

A presentation about my digital Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

Amy Keenan

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Amy K prezi file

MY Digital learning environment

The University of Leeds Portal French language Le Monde VLE
Leeds for life Email Social networking Module enrolment Stay in touch with friends wherever in the world they are
Send out mass emails to groups LUUBC Novi girls group
WIKIPEDIA search engine
contact peers, such as in wiki groups
contact tutors
have relevant information posted to you by members of the university
be informed of events- performances, shows, special days, and even of strikes!

contact with your personal tutor
Find out about work placements
Find out how to participate in volunteer schemes

Joblink module announcements Up-to-date news of France
French Culture
Events happening in France listening to French Radio aids ability to pick up french phrases that can be used in general conversation.
Hearing French songs means that I am able to quickly translate what I'm hearing, and understand as the song goes along. iTunes download music
watch movies
subscribe to podcasts
make playlists
stream live radio from stations all over the world
find people on the course or from different societies by mutual friends.
find people by email address
join groups of interest, such as university residences and university courses
Contact peers by using the group email resourse. For example, when working together on a group task, use the facebook messaging tool, as it allows all people to be updated on all ideas or posts from each person in the group, rather than using regular email which only has a 'reply' function.
world wide encyclopedia; wikipedia is available in over ten languages
informative wiki
ability to add, edit and delete information that you believe to be true.
key words link you to other wiki pages related to your search
featured article of the day
although not suitable as a reference for scientific work, it gives leads as to other sources of reference material, from cited research and 'facts'.
locates the most relevant online resources according to your search.
ability to advance your search with more relevant information, or discard irrelevant information.
Development of the following as a result of the successful search engine:
Google EARTH
Google MAIL
Google MAPS
Google News finds jobs relevant to specific search
Leeds university Students given opportunity for high class jobs before anyone else in the area.
Links to other job sites of interest.
Leeds University Union site Information about clubs, bars and events
online resources for buying tickets for large events such as the summer balls and for nightclubs run by the union in Stylus, Pulse and Mine
information and contact details for sports clubs
Elections and voting resources available to the staff and students
iTunes is a digital media player from Apple inc. It was originally developed to stream music, and manage personal music files. However, now the application allows access to the iTunes store where music, music videos and movies can be purchased and downloaded. Further perks of the site include downloadable applications for the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod. Apple's iPod has aided iTunes' huge success. NRJ French music radio is the most popular radio station in France. Starting as a radio station in Paris, NRJ has now It incorporates a large variety of songs, chat-show-style presenters, interviews with famous singers, weather, news updates and commercials. Le Monde is a daily French Newspaper. I use the online facilities to read articles and to watch french news updates in video-form. YouTube is a website that allows video files to be viewed and shared. People from all over the world can view the site, upload video blogs and video files to it, and ratings and comments can be made by the viewing public of each video. I use YouTube not only to view music videos and movie clips, but as an additional online learning resource for my course, Medical Sciences. There are many online tutorials and informative, scientific videos that aid the understanding of topics we are taught. Upload videos
Watch videos
Comment videos
Rate videos
Have similar video content 'suggested' to you as a user.
Clips and episodes of Friends can be found and viewed on YouTube I use Wikipedia to give me a background on a disease, a disorder or medical terminology. It acts as a starting point for research and develops further understanding of a topic. hello mark MedPedia is an extremely useful website for medicine and science-realted courses. It provides information more specifically aimed at scientists, rather than to the general public, on medical topics. MedPedia acts as an online encylopedia for diseases and medical procedures, and has many online articles available to use for research and sourcing.
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