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Bridge Intersection

No description

Stuuu Cattz

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Bridge Intersection

Constructing the Base Mechanics Traffic Controller The Process Materials Wood
Kinder Surprise Eggshells
Plastic Tubes
Light Sensors
Touch Sensor
Pop Can
Tissure Paper
Construction Paper
Worm Gear A worm gear adds power to a motor by changing the way power is transferred from the shaft to the gear. It also prevents the motor from bringing the bridge up too quickly. Wiring LEDs Traffis lights were made using 6 LEDs, 2 red, 2 green, and 2 yellow.

These were wired by connecting all of the positive
ends together. The negative ends of the first
set of lights in the circuit were then connected to the positive ends of the second set of lights in the circuit.

Then, the negative ends of the second set of lights were connected together and fed through to the circuit board.

Circuit Board The circuit board contains resistors that control the flow of electricity to all the components.

There is a relay on the circuit board that controls the direction of the motor.

It also contains the microchip. The Microchip The Microchip that is found on the circuit board controls everything that goes on. It is a CPU. It contains all the code that makes decisions.

The program is written in C. Using this language enabled us to use the light and touch sensors. The microchip reads whether any of the sensors have been tripped, and this information is used by the program to decide what to do next. The Design A large LED was placed on the top of the bridge tower to simulate a aeroplane warning light.

The guard rail on the bridge was made by cutting a pop can into squares and folding it in half.

Kinder Egg shells were used as street lamps, since they are similar shape and can effectivly hide wires.

Making the Intersection Holes were plotted in the base so that the street lights would be visible to the cars, but also be out of the way.

The Road was made simply by cutting large strips of construction paper.

The street lights were connected to the circuit board where the microchip could control when they turn on.

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