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Mexican Folk Art

No description

Jen Nowicki

on 16 November 2017

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Transcript of Mexican Folk Art

At the end of this lesson you will be able to:
Alebrijes de Oaxaca

North America
Folk Art of Mexico
Compare and Contrast
Mexican Tin Ornaments

How are they similar to Alejibres?

How are they different?
1. Describe Mexican Tin Ornaments to someone and tell what purpose they serve.

2. Identify the part of the world where this art originated.

3. Create your own tin ornament in the style of the Oaxaca people.

United States of America
Find A State in Mexico: Oaxaca
Pedro Linares Lopez
Invented Alebrijes
in 1936
Partner Activity!

Look carefully at the Alebrije picture.

One partner looks at the shapes and colors

One partner looks at the designs and patterns

Be ready to describe the picture after you see them.

One partner describe the shapes, colors you noticed.

One partner describe the designs and patterns
Can you find these places on a map?
Map of
Map of the U.S. and Mexico
Find a Mexican State: Oaxaca
Map of the U.S. and

a creature that
incarnates the
spirit and aesthetic
of a nation
What is similar in these artworks?
What did you notice about the shapes and colors in the Alejibres?

What did you notice about the designs and patterns?
Share with class:
Make your own
Tin Ornament
Begin with drawing
1. Draw a simple animal

2. Make sure it fits the paper

3. Decorate the animal with designs and patterns
Making the Metal Ornament

1. Tape drawing on metal

2. Place metal on cardboard "cushion"

3. Trace your drawing to transfer your image on to the metal
Mexican Tin Ornaments
Making Art
Making Connections
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