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Google Stakeholders

No description

Mindy Daley

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Google Stakeholders

Google Stakeholders
Internal Stakeholders

External Stakeholders
Individuals or groups promoting or protesting a company's existence, business practices, products and services, partnerships, etc.
Communication and actions are the result of beliefs, experiences, or affiliations
Intent to create attention
Art of persuasion: influence public perspective and other interested parties
Attempt to influence or stifle change
Individual Google Users
Google Company Officials
Owners Take Active Role in Management Team and Board of Directors
Experienced Technology Professionals
Senior Leadership consists of Seven Vice Presidents that lead Different Departments (Google, Management Team, 2013)

More than 30,000 Employees
Include Lower Level Hourly Employees
Affected by Company Decisions
Need Job Security
Job Satisfaction Influences Motivation and Innovation
Have Vested Stake in Company Profitability (Google, Our Products and Services, 2013)

Google Employees
Internal Stakeholders
Mindy Daley, Christopher, Newton, Andrew Oligmueller, Jada Rodriguez, Janelle Watson, and Erin Wilson

Google Employees
Google Company Officials
Google Owners and their families
Google Shareholders

External Stakeholders

Individual Google Users
Businesses using Google
Government Agencies using User Data

Google Owners and their Families
Google Shareholders
Individuals or organizations owning share(s) of Google
Short or long term role or partnership
Number of shares can vary per shareholder
Shares affect votes used in Google’s meetings
Votes affect control and input relating to Google’s business decisions and practices
Profit vs. Loss based on Google’s performance

Concerns of federal government given unrestricted access to company servers
Government access of private emails of citizens
Private information not protected

Businesses Using Google
Advertisers are Google’s Largest
External Stakeholder

“Your Privacy is Our Priority” –

Google’s public relations campaign to regain the trust and respect of its external publics.
Approach involves communications that are strategic, honest, open, and consistent (Seitel, 2011)

Government Agencies Using Google Data
Although initially competitors or government agencies may not initially seem like stakeholders, further investigation uncovers them as such. According to the definition competitors are stakeholders because they have an interest in what Google does. Search engines like Bing or Yahoo want to know what the company does so they can either imitate or surpass their efforts.

Owners of Google and their families are affected by the company’s PR campaign
Company changes and PR image have an impact on family financial stability
Bad PR, company feuds and lawsuits affect owners and family’s safety
Success and wealth affect personal lives of owners and their families
Google owners are family oriented which can affect their desire to appeal to the public in a positive light
Concerns of Users

Google’s Response

Claimed its initial privacy policy states personal information is shared in certain situations and users were required to consent prior to using the services
Updated its privacy policies acknowledging that there is information shared with the government (Google, Privacy Policy, 2013)

Google. (2011). Privacy policy. Retrieved on October 7, 2013 from http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/archive/20111020/

Government agencies like the Federal Trade Commission have an interest in what the company does in order to make sure they are keeping their promises and following their policies set forth to the public. In addition government agencies also request user data to investigate possible criminal activity and other violations.

Seitel, F. P. (2011). The Practice of Public Relations (11th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, Inc.

Google. (2013). Company. Our products and services. Available from http://www.google.com/about/company/products/

Google. (2013) Company. Management Team. Available from http://www.google.com/about/company/facts/management/
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