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German1 six weeks project

about myself ect

tiffanynicole mangis

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of German1 six weeks project

TiffanyNicole Mangis German 1 six weeks project This is my Best friend Lane Wer Bin Ich? TiffanyNicole Mangis. German one. 4th hour. La Grange Gymnasium But I go by Nicole!:) Ich Heisse TiffanyNicole Ich kommw aus Houston Texas ich wohne in a La Grange Mein Geburtstag 26. Oktober 1995 Mein Geburtsag ist am ich bin siebzehn jahre alt.
well almost ich mag... baseball! mien Lieblingssport ist.. i have always loved the ranger ever since i was little! baseball has been a passion of mine......no i do not play! i wish but my heart has caused me not to play any sports mein Lieblinsbuch ist
Ways To Live Forever by Sally Nicholes i really enjoy reading.most people don't know that about me though if you haven't read this book, you should!!! Mein Liblingsbuch ist
a tie between mean girls and grandma boy i can quote this whole move! like real talk Mein Lienlingsband ist
i like all kinds of music but my favorite song is
No Lie by 2Chainz and Dance for you by Benyonce this is just some random fun things me and my family do! that was me and KK this is Jaxon my 2nd cousin this jaxon again this is my two nephews Blayne and Caidyn this is my bother Even this Little girl is my whole world its my niece Delilah she is my sidekick she is like my best friend I LOVE Haaien (SHARKS)!!! me and him sponsor a child together. i can tell him EVERYTHING!!
this kid is the reason I follow Christ! This goof ball yeah i love him!...not like that! LOL his Name is Joseph and he lives in Kenya Africa Just some echte goede vrienden (real good Friends) that i must admit are mijn familie (my family) I have a tatoeëren (Tattoo) i love ketchup! some say to much some people don't know that this summer i went to the er because i had 2nd degree and some 3rd degree burns in my mouth because of pizza broodjes (pizza rolls!) this is wat ik leef door (what i live by) YOLO in bible form! @Tiffster2015
Follow Me! my whole room is of her! i love Marilyn Monroe!!! when you see him ask him how swoll he is? my best friend is Lane Bunch Lane is my beste vriend (bestfriend) Meine Familie Toeval(Random) things about me that you might not know! Sarah Hudec My Fishie or groentje (Freshman) she is soo vrij (pretty)! and grappig (funny) and the zoetste (sweetest) thing ever!
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