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Women Standing Up to Society

No description

Kristy Toyoda

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Women Standing Up to Society

A Vindication of the Rights of Women
Women's Literature
Pride and Prejudice
The Subjection of Women
Reviving Ophelia
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
LEVEL 6...
Prudence and Bulimia
Men are dominant?
Rejecting Change
Ideal Females
Women Standing up to Society
Influential environment of 'ideal' females at school
Felt left out, became bulimic to be thin
No results; Binge-eating
Wanted to fit & mother's constant dieting
Took the abuse from boyfriend; didn't complain, made excuses for the boyfriend
Scared to stand up, but did so to become stronger to protect self
Bridget and gender expectations
Single, 30 year old woman.
Societal pressures are stressing her out.
Pressured to find a husband and have kids. (clock is ticking)
Finds out life of ideal female is not for her.
Invited to first party
Attended, felt cool
Others were drinking
Pinned down and taken advantage of
Young women vs. Ya Ya sisterhood
In Her Shoes
White Oleander
Bridget Jone's
Lady Macbeth is determined, obsessed, ambitious, and dominant.
Women in this time married not for love, but for wealth and status.
"In the present day, power holds a smoother language, and whomsoever oppresses, always pretends to do so for their own good:....”
Men keep women in a lower social position.
No legitimate justification
Women can't fight gender expectations.
Inequality ingrained in every aspect of society.
Marriage laws, education, etc.
Gender expectations still hold up today.
Breaking down barriers will create equality.
Women are Stuck
Stuck Yet Again
Rose vs. Maggie
Envious of Maggie
At first, not aware she has a better life.
Realizes has brains and ability to have a good life
Maggie was always told she's beautiful
The dumber one
Lived with grandmother in an old folks home Realizes the elderly are kind, caring Cleans up her act
What does this book show?
Girls have different needs and regrets
Image doesn't matter
Content with yourself, everyone else is too
Not the ideal female
Personal fulfillment
Rejects a reasonable marriage proposal
Speaks her mind whenever
Stands up to higher social class
The Craziness
Torn from her mother
Sent to 6 different foster homes
Learns and grows at each home
Grows further away from mother
Society = Mother
Astrid vs. Ingrid
Astrid was her mother's daughter
Living with Claire, Astrid begins to turn against her mother
Mother is scared by the change, wants
Astrid back
Astrid is able to return to her old life but refuses to
Males had control
Females didn't have the power to do anything
Weren't able to protect themselves
Lady Macbeth
Women who stand up against society’s expectations and image of the supposed ideal female have shown that they refuse to be caged and follow their own
Women were just expected to marry.
No say in political issues.
Expected to serve men and raise children.
Ideal Female
Ideal woman was subservient and docile
Family oriented.
Match media portrayed females
Act as peers did
Threw away old self
Wore new self that pleased everyone
Sought approval from peers
Monica didn't try to change to fit in
Parents said it was okay to be different
She accepted that, but wanted to fit in
Miss Pleaser
Marry well
Manners, proper etiquette
Know place in society
1 - Must do this, otherwise you don't get any candy
-pick up 2 pieces of trash
-take out 5 pieces of line paper
-put your phones underneath your chair
-say one nice thing about person next to you
-get up and high five 2 people
-sit down and write your name and period on one paper

2 - How did it feel to have us tell you guys to do all this stuff?
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