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Copia de Learn Prezi Fast

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fabiola araya florio

on 4 July 2017

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Transcript of Copia de Learn Prezi Fast

U. San Sebastian
Sede Concepción
12 semesters
Annual tuition cost 6.800.000
Nem 0%
Description Of Career

Provide an efficient , timely and humane service to improve the oral health of the population.
Attend surgeries or emergencis that arise .
Make campaigns , talk, activities and educate to help preventive and hygienic sanitary habits.
Dental surgeon

Campus San Andres
12 Semesters
Annual tuition cost 6.400.000
Nem 10%
Career health area

Campus Concepción
11 Semesters
Annual tuition cost 5.200.000
Nem 15%
Personality Requirements
If you want to be a dentist, you must be very tidy
you must respect the rules
you must be puctual
you must be tolerant and productive.
References Req
If you want to be a Dentist, you must like working whith people .
Team interaction.
you must have initiative.
you must be delicate.
Dentists tell you how to care for your teeth
Dentists perform oral surgery
Dentists Examine Patients to Diagnose Injuries.
The dentist takes control of treated people
The dentist Attends dental emergencies.
Health services
Hospitals of the Armed Forces and Order
Teaching and Research in Universities.
U. Andres Bello
U. De Concepción
Average Monthly Salary
1 year exp
4 years exp
In Odontology, when leaving the university they earn $ 1,000,000
To the fourth year $1.700.000.
I chose to present about odontology because , I like it , I am interested in the health area and I also like to help others
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