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babylon prezi to show

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Sarah MacDonald

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of babylon prezi to show

By Sarah Rae& Justin Pomerleau Babylon Leader Technology One king is Hammurabi. Hammurabi was born in 1794 BC and died in 1750 BC. He ruled for 43 years. Hammurabi took over all of Mesopotamia. Culture Medicine, Babylon was destroyed and rebuilt many times.
Babylon made it so the Euphrates river could run through it. The walls that made it so the Euphrates river could run through were wide enough so a chariot and four hitch team of horses could go on it. He was stern his first few years and won by war a lot of land. He was nice to his people but was stern when it came to his laws. His laws were cruel. he was mostly mean to women and slaves. The Babylonians were the ones who created medical history. They used this to diagnose and treat people from there past and present medical history. HAY! Just like we do today. Impact The medicine impacted the city of Babylon a lot. It made it so they could have a better living. The wheel made it a lot less work for the Babylonians and made there work a lot faster. Hammurabi impacted the city quit a bit. He helped the city get more land. Yet he was very strike to the helpless people meaning the women, daughters, and slaves. Impact; the culture made life for the Babylonians a lot easier. It made it so they could have a few good resources run right through the village. Wheel;
The Babylonians improved the wheel and made chariot pulling easier on the livestock. They made it so that the wheel was strong enough to haul a chariot, but yet light enough so a few horses can pull it. The wheel can not weigh to much because if it ways to much the load has to be lighter. They also used the wheel for pottery and water caring. Babylonians inherited many culture and technical accomplishment's. sophisticated in techniques in irrigation and agriculture.
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