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Online & Offline Digital Video

No description

nancy hughes

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Online & Offline Digital Video

“To succeed in today’s digital environment, firms must deliver smarter, more customer-centric interactions that feel like they were tailored for each user and his or her specific set of circumstances.” Online video is the largest growing ad format, with nearly 55% growth in 2012. Online Video Consumption
456.6 million content videos were viewed

105.4 billion video ads were watched

182 million users were watching videos Has recently outpaced TV consumption.

Cisco Systems reports online video made up 56% of consumer web traffic in 2012, up from 51% in 2011. In 2013, more people will view programs on demand

TV companies have begun to embrace video streaming

Smart TVs will become standard and this will change the way people access online video. Video ads have become the most popular rich media format for ad buyers

Forrester predicts online video advertising spend will grow from $2.9 billion in 2012, to $9 billion by 2017, for a 26% growth rate each year.

Also, video content has become a standard in email marketing, greatly increasing the likelihood of email opens. Open rates rise from 11-12% up to 30% when adding "video" in the subject line.

Online video banner ads are 27% more effective (MediaMind) Online & Offline
Digital Video Online video content has been predicted to out-perform
other online advertising segments (Harper-Frost & Sullivan). TRENDS for 2013 and Beyond Forrester cites personalized video as an emerging technology to watch for “driving deeper levels of [customer] engagement,” offering increased levels of interactivity.

These traits will drive not only deeper engagement, but also greater lifetime value and advocacy. Video Ad Buying "The brands that succeed in the future will be the ones creating content that elicits a powerful emotional response from their audience. Content that makes us weep a river, laugh out loud or shiver with delight—and then share.

Sarah Wood, COO, Unruly Red Bull. 171,028,643 views Febelfin in Belgium: 8,681,243 views The Beauty Inside: 55,171,199 views This actually took place in Brussels, Belgium, as part of "Safe Internet Banking," a governmental campaign for online-safety awareness carried out by the trade association Febelfin (the Belgian Financial Sector Federation). The volunteers were actual passers-by, and Dave was an actor. Why storytelling worked for Intel & Toshiba

Storytelling helps Toshiba and Intel engage people, and generate interest and buzz around their products, a feat, marketers say, that is usually a challenge for non-Apple tech brands." Adweek reader Wayne Wood applauded the storytelling approach:

“This is one of the most brilliant approaches to marketing of a technical brand, without hitting the buyer over the head with geek speak. And its about getting inside the head. The human touch.”
Sturner believes that the Red Bull Stratos was one of the greatest marketing stunts by Red Bull, and perhaps the
greatest marketing stunt of all time.

"Indeed, Red Bull has succeeded in attaching its brand to one of the most buzzed about events of the year. It’s not just the Space Jump, it’s the Red Bull Space Jump—a 24-mile jump!" Successful Branding Not only was YouTube the place to be in order to watch the event, they created Twitter and Facebook pages dedicated to Stratos as well as a popular Instagram feed. Tying the Red Bull name to a major event and bombarding the web with Tweets, up to the second updates and incredible images helped to make Red Bull a popular topic of conversation. (2.6M social media mentions) safeinternetbanking.be http://www.radian6.com/blog/2012/10/how-red-bull-stratos-successfully-soared-across-social-media/ Mission Accomplished "Great campaign and a really nice mixture of experiential and viral marketing being used in conjunction with one another." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/25/dave-guillame-safe-internethackers_n_1912318.html#slide=1448773 Qualcomm Mobile: 1,312,694 views Offline Video VIDEO WALL

Travelers Insurance: The Strength to Withstand Anything Adobe Interactive Installation McDonald's Pick N' Play Interactive floor projection:
The London Aquarium BMW Interactive Projection Thank You

http://info.sundaysky.com/2012-state-of-online-video-research-report/ 02.25.2013 Other things to consider... http://chimpmarketing.com/meet-dave-the-internet-banking-mind-reader/ “It’s Hollywood’s first social film
that lets everyone in the audience
play the lead role.” More than 4,000 people across the global auditioned for the lead role of Alex.

26 people were cast in the web series, and an additional 50 were featured on The Beauty Inside Facebook page via photos and videos.

Storyteller John Ford noted:

“Inside attracted a huge following, fans not only enjoyed the experience they begged for more, so the arrival of a second experience was always likely… [The Beauty Inside] concept lives and dies by the quality of the storytelling and the immersion of the users.” http://blog.mslgroup.com/the-beauty-inside-peoples-insights-issue-43/ http://blog.mslgroup.com/the-beauty-inside-peoples-insights-issue-43/ Forrester, “Contextualization: Delivering Relevant Experiences In The Multichannel World,” 2012
“Presented by Intel and Toshiba, the branding is evidently there, but subtle enough not to intrude on the experience or hinder the concept…” Ben Sturner, President and CEO of Leverage Agency
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