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The Baleful Black Codes

No description

Jonathan Rajagopalan

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of The Baleful Black Codes

All men are equal, but some are more equal than others The Baleful Black Codes Blacks were finally "free",
but the law spoke otherwise What were they? Equality with exceptions -The Baleful Black Codes were codes aimed to ensure the stable and subservient labor force (African Americans)
-Republicans strongly opposed these codes Results Newly freed blacks had trouble establishing economic stability.
This led to "sharecropping"; plantation owners rented out pieces of their lands to blacks. They would make the cost of rent higher than the return the land produced.
Renters were bound to the land until debts were paid off.
Unable to repay their debts, blacks began to "jump" their contracts Southerners saw nothing wrong with the Black Codes
(4 & 5...:O) Andrew Johnson supported the Black Codes, as did most Democrats at the time Oliver O. Howard was one of many who supported free blacks. He played a significant role in the Freedman's Bureau Codes included laws such as follows:

-no blacks could serve on a jury
-no blacks could vote
-harsh penalties (ranging from state to state) on blacks who "jumped" their labor contracts
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