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Utility Service -Power

No description

Matilde Chavez

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Utility Service -Power

Utility Service -Power
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
the first power source supply was developed in the 1920s
two types of power includes gas power and electric power
Sources/Providers of Power:
Duke Energy Indiana
Indiana Electric Cooperatives
Indiana Municipal Power Agency
Indianapolis Power and Light
Generic Informaion
Permit Requirements:
obtain permits from a US bureaucratic agency; the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (USBLM)
must obtain a permit before they do any work on the actual power line connections
City of Noblesville on Power
Generic Information
Requirements for Installation
Below Ground
take up less right-of-way than overhead lines
have lower visibility
less affected by bad weather
costs of insulated cable and excavation are much higher
faults in buried transmission lines take longer to locate and repair
City of Noblesville on Power
Minium Size of each Power line
20 feet to each power line section; up to 350 kiloVolts

Spacing between lines - 20 feet to each service connection (the telephone poles)
Location of Power connection
Have to be underground wherever possible
existing connections located above ground, shall be removed and placed underground
Underground service connections to the street property line of each platted lot shall be installed at the developer’s expense
City of Noblesville on Power
By: Matilde and Harris Pd. 3
Requirements for Installation
Above Ground
not covered by insulation
are a commodity supplied by several companies worldwide
overhead transmission wires depend on air for insulation
adverse weather conditions, such as high wind and low temperatures, can lead to power outages
Transmission/Distribution Methods:
transmission power lines
distribution transformers
power transformers
power plants and power supply storage warehouses
Methods of Measuring Usage:
kill-a-watt power meter
power companies measure the power consumption by kilowatt-hour (kWh)
whole house meter
Typical Sizing Requirements:
Conductor sizes range from 12 mm2 (#6 American wire gauge) to 750 mm2 (1,590,000 circular miles area), with varying resistance and current-carrying capacity
Noblesville, Indiana
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