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School Based Health Center

SBHC Awareness Month

Ashley Reinhardt

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of School Based Health Center

EDUCATION Pontiac Teen Health Centers
Waterford Teen Health Center "I was able to talk about my personal problems!"
-11th grader School-Based and School-Linked Health Centers:
At the Intersection of
Health and Education
2013 What does Health Education
mean to you? What has the
Teen Health Center done for you? Pontiac
School Pontiac
School What's one thing you do for your health at school? Waterford
High School What has the Teen Health Center done for you? How does your school
educate you on health? Michigan population is made up of Children 18 and under. 25% 90 total School-Based Health Centers
in the
state of Michigan SBHC
Month Pontiac
Health Centers Waterford
Center "The Teen Health Center has done a lot for me, they've also taught me how to control my asthma!" -8th Grader "My Physical!" -7th Grader "It helped me know what I need to do
to be healthy, and eat good!"
-8th Grader "Walk around and say hi to people!" -12th grader "Watching what I eat at
school and washing my hands."
-12th grader "Eat healthy, wash my hands, walk around!"
-10th grader "Wash my hands!" -11th grader "Gave me my shots!" -11th grader "I got my physical with
Nurse Dottie." -12th grader "Just to talk!" -10th grader Stress Management Classes Youth Advisory Committee Teen Health Center Teachers Students Created by:

Ashley Reinhardt, Health Educator
Pontiac Middle School YAC
Pontiac High School YAC
Waterford Durant High School YAC
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