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Untitled Prezi

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Xiaox Xuet

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Auto Shop
Question 2

Describe Alan's typical leadership style and evaluate whether it is appropriate for the leadership situation
Gil and Hans
Nature of Task
Not complicated
Tasks are well-defined
Standards Procedures
Standards Times
Plan work schedule
Assign task based on mechanic's skills
Proven :
Good time and job management
Understand his mechanic's abilities
Provide reliable services
Nature of Subordinates
1.Specialize Worker
Eldest mechanics
Doing High Precision job
With Little supervision
Less error
2.Younger mechanics

need more guidance

3. Occasionally, allocate 2 workers to work together

Follow Manager's instructions and guidance
Nature of Environment
Enjoy working with Alan
Listen to Alan's guidance
Respecting Manager
Involve in some
decision making

Alan Provide guidance

Less Pressure
Alan not acting in a directive way

Receive Feedback

Contingency Theory

Good relationship with mechanics, structured task, strong position power

Hersey-Blanchard Situational Theory
Some willing and able,
some willing and unable
High maturity level :
delegating style
Moderate maturity level :
selling style

Path-Goal Theory of Leadership
Supportive: Directive leadership ( for mechanics who need more guidance )

Participative / Democratic leadership ( for skilled mechanic )

Alan don’t spend much time on supervising & directing
Leaves mechanic alone-unless got problems & need technical advice
Never tell things in a directive way; suggest various way to solve problems
Work along with mechanics
Fairness, openness
Trust & respect his employees
Give opportunity in decision making process
Empowering employees

Mechanics may blindly follow
the procedures without
learning anything
Success of company doesn’t
always reflect the satisfaction
of mechanics on jobs


Owner and Manager

Open Minded Person
Question 1

What is the usual leadership situation in the auto repair shop ?
Chow Kak Yee
Teo Kai Xin
Koh Chiaw Er
Chong Xiak Wee
7 years of operation
Small Auto Repair Shop
Skillful Mechanics

Motorcycle Repairer
Engine Troubleshooter
Degree in Industrial Art
Electronic Diagnostic Machine Operator
General Mechanic
Group Member :
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