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Topic Sentences (concept 2)

At the end of this prezi you will be able to identify 3 types of mastery and 1 type of expert topic sentences.

Nichole Carter

on 28 July 2013

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Transcript of Topic Sentences (concept 2)

At the end of this prezi you will be able to identify several types of mastery topic sentences and two types of expert topic sentences, with a bit of practice!
Types of Topic Sentences
*You will practice all of these types of sentences in tonight's homework.
In last nights homework you wrote down the definition of topic sentences:
Introduction to a paragraph, generally contains no details.
*Let’s practice! (pause the video and complete the following activity)

Write a simple/declarative sentence on the following prompt:

“What is the most nerve wracking thing about the first day of school.”
Mastery Sentence type #1

Dogs make the best pets for
My mom is my favorite person because of
special traits.
Our family enjoys
activities on Thanksgiving day.

Mastery Topic Sentences Type #2
When you create number statements avoid the following:

Beware of the Deadly Duo!
Why do dogs make great pets?
Why is my mom my favorite person?
How do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?
Mastery Topic Sentence Type #3
*Let’s practice! (pause the video and complete the following activity)

Write a question sentence on the following prompt:
“What makes summer fun?"
Question Statement Practice
*Remember to write in your notes whenever you see the pencil!
*Also if you are using the guided notes you have a word bank to help you start on the number statements and starter words if you can't figure out how to get going in the practice section!
*If you aren't using the guided notes you can find the word bank on my website on the page for this unit. (I will also list it in the links section on the sophia tutorial.)
Situation Stance:
These sentences have two parts:
Expert Sentence type #1:
Activity time!
Grab two different color pens or markers.
Underline and label the two different parts (stance and situation)
Circle or put an arrow pointing to the comma.
We will go over these on the smart board in class tomorrow!
Three point topic sentences have three main points
(hence the name!)
Expert Topic Sentence Type #2
Your turn, write a three point topic sentence on the
following prompt:
"Is technology in the classroom a good idea? Why or why not?"
Please remember to go back to Sophia and do the digital WSQ!
You are now done with
tonight's video and notes!
There are
Here are
*Instead remember to use: who, how, what, where, when.
There are three great places to camp in the summer in Oregon. NO!!!!
Campers have three great summertime campsites to choose from in Oregon. YES!!!
Question statement: a question that you will answer in your paragraph.
*The question must have a more complex answer than yes or no!
*Some teachers hate questions as a topic sentence, so use these sparingly!
Part 1: broadly introduces the topic (situation)
Gives a general hint of what is to come
Cannot stand alone (dependent clause, we are building a complex sentence)
Part 2: Clearly states your viewpoint on the topic (stance)
Narrows the topic
Can stand alone (independent clause)
1. Even though I like all holidays, the fourth of July is my favorite.
2. Although teaching is a challenging profession, it is still very rewarding.
3, Because most people carry cell phones, it is important that they learn basic cell phone etiquette.
3. List your main ideas you are going to be talking about in the paragraph. (known as the "comma, comma, and" part of the sentence)
Most people really look forward to summer vacation, personally after a few weeks I get really bored; I can't see my friends every day, I like to be mentally challenged, and really there is only so much day time TV a person can watch!
Today we will look at three different types of mastery topic sentences:
1. Simple/Declarative sentences
2. Number statement
3. Questions
And two example of an expert topic sentence:
1. Situation/Stance
2. Three point topic sentence.
Simple/Declarative: states the topic
Dogs make the best pets.
My mom is my favorite person.
Thanksgiving is an important holiday in our country.
Number Statement: a declarative sentence like #1 BUT it uses a number word to elevate the sentence.
*Let’s practice! Don't forget in your guided notes you have a word bank for these specific topic sentences!
(pause the video and complete the following activity)

Write a number sentence on the following prompt:
“What are some of the most boring things about the first day of school?”
1. State the topic
2. State your viewpoint (at this point very similar to the sentences you just looked at)
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