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Rous Presentation

mt4 bridge presentation automated risk management powered by www.roustech.com

Francisco Martinez

on 18 August 2010

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Transcript of Rous Presentation

Rous Technology LLC.
Automated Risk Management for MT4
Who we are
Rous FX Bridge
Rous Multi Account Manager
Services overview
Rous Bridge
Rous Multi Account Manager
Services Overview
Introducing Rous Technology
Established in January 2009
US based software company
We develop risk management software solutions for the brokerage and banking industry
Our clients are financial institutions around the world - from USA and Germany, to Switzerland and Cyprus
Let Us Manage Your Risk
Master Account
Child Accounts
1. MT4 Child Acct.
2. MT4 Child Acct.
3. MT4 Child Acct.
4. MT4 Child Acct.
5. MT4 Child Acct.
100 plus etc... etc...
One Account Trades 100 Plus Account
In One Trade. Not just one at a time.
Brokers utilize our service to maximize their profits on the dealing desk. It is proven that utilizing our dealing desk service has increased the broker’s profits by 72% over utilizing the Rous FX Bridge alone.
Rous Dealing Desk Service includes the following:
24 hour coverage. Our IT and dealing staff will monitor and manage your Metatrader environment when the market opens through to the closing so you can focus on other important functions of your business.
Reporting. At the end of the trading day a report is generated and emailed to you so you can see daily the profit you have earned. The report includes all trades and prices, account numbers, gross profit, brokerage commissions, bridge fees, performance fees and net broker profit. At the end of the month, you are provided with a monthly statement which includes more statistics such as total and avg. pip profit as well as cumulative profit and expense totals.
Support.. Rous provides trading and IT support to your sales and back office staff so they can better service your clients.
Software Design and Development
Back Office Integration. If you are a user of MetaTrader, allow us to integrate MetaTrader into your existing back office or accounting system.

MetaTrader Plugins. Rous is a leading provider in integrated MetaTrader tools. If you desire your platform to perform a certain function, we can develop a plugin which will assist you.

Third Party integration.. We have experience with several platforms and back office systems and can assist you with any integration requirement.
MT4 White Label
Metatrader White Label powered by Rous Technology
The Rous Multi Account Manager is designed specifically for Money Manager that uses the Metatrader 4 platform, and it is used in connection with the Rous Bridge. It is ideal for traders that manage multiple accounts utilizing Expert Advisors (EAs).
Benefits of Rous Multi Account Manager:

Trade with Lot or Percentage allocations
Ability to allocate trades to unlimited number of sub accounts
Money Manager trades only one master account pooled account
Supports all order type
Installed on the server where the MT server is hosted
Rous Multi Account Manager
Rous Bridge
The Rous FX Bridge is designed to automate FX execution capabilities for the Metatrader platform. This provides brokerage operations with the ability to automatically offset currency exposure via our FX Bridge into their counterparty electronic trading platforms.
Automate Risk Management
Improve trade execution and confirmation speed
Reduce employee expense
Attract more customers
Reduce corporate risk
Increase customer retention
Capture more profit from spread
Get complete transparency
Benefits of Rous FX Bridge:
Services Overview
24 hour Customer Support
We provide 24 hour experienced technical support
Your business workflow goes smoothly
Benefit from efficiency and affordability with our online support services
Our technical support hours are from Sunday at 21:00 GMT to Friday 22:00 GMT
In House Customer Training
We fully train your support desk staff on how to handle problems when they occur, in a timely manner
You will maximize your customer retention and new customer acquisition
Business Consulting
Get valuable insights on how to start a brokerage operation
We assist you in setting up and operating a successful brokerage operation
Software Consulting
Benefit from over 40 years combined experience in financial services and IT
We help you achieve fast results
Dealing Desk Management
Work with an experienced team to manage your FX dealing desk and risk management for your company
We maximize your trading profits of your FX dealing desk, so you can focus on sales and marketing
We make technology work for you, so that you don’t have to worry about risks, and gather profitable results. Below is a list of some of the technologies we employ, together with our partners,  to bring you competitive advantages:
We can connect you to ANY FIX API
Rous Technology LLC.
Automated Risk Management for MT4

Rous Technology LLC
402 West Broadway, Suite 400
San Diego, CA 92101

Tel: +1 619-595-3177
Fax: +1 619-595-3150
Email: info@roustech.com
Dealing Desk Services
Automated Robot Dealer Machine
Thank You
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