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Culture is important

No description

Michael Danza

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Culture is important

Charateristics of Culture
Culture has an insider/outsider quality
Culture has an input/output or encoder/decoder quality
Culture has a historically-specific quality
Culture is the symbolic dimension of the world.
Culture is the meaningful aspect of our world.
Culture gives people, objects, and behaviors significance. How do we study culture? Culture is important therefore we need to define it, understand its qualities, and learn how it is created. "Culture refers to the expressive side of human life....(Griswold 12)" Semiotics is the science of signs "Semiotics first asks how meaning is created, rather than what the meaning is (Seiter)." Step 1: Step 2: We interpret one sign by
a) using OTHER signs
b) understanding that signs imply binary-opposites. Sign



Good ------------Bad
Binary Nature of Cultural Codes
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