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Sea Pig

animal project

Maya Kirkland

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Sea Pig

Sea Pig
Scotoplanes Angelicus Classification Kingdom-
animilia Phylum-
echinodermata Class-
holothuroidea Order-
elasipodida Family-
elpidiidea Genus-
scotoplanes Species-
anglicus Sea pigs live in the ocean (all four oceans) around 1000-6000 meters deep. Since they live so deep in the water
the tempeture in witch a sea pig lives in
is below 0 degrees F. Sea pigs live to be about 10-15
years old. Fun Facts!!! 1. Did you know that a sea pig eats by extracting organic particles from ocean mud? 2. Sea pigs stay in herds and always are facing the current. 3. Also sea pigs are one of the largest group of animals in the ocean that host parasites. 4. Sea pigs use their tubed tentacles to push themselves across the sea floor. 5. Sea pigs are actually not endangered and are growing in numbers, but don't touch them because some are poisonous. The End
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