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Queen Elizabeth

No description

john rogstad

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Queen Elizabeth

The Bubonic Plague and Hygiene By John Rogstad Where did the plague come from? It started in Asia then moved to Europe and threw Africa. How was the disease spread? Also how many died? The disease was spread threw bacteria in fleas then on to rodents. Over 75 million people died. What did the people do to stop the disease from spreading. People locked there houses. Put people sick out of town. What were the effects of the disease? Victims suffer swelling in the armpit and groin. Bleeding in the lungs. Also very high fever, deliruim, and prostration. What action did Queen Elizabeth take? She fled to Windsor Castle. She also hanged anyone who came near the castle. Then she got some people from the castle to find a cure for the disease. What was done with the bodies from the plague? The people that were also sick put the bodies in death carts and pushed them out of town How did the plague affect Shakespeare's theaters at this time? Nearly all of the theaters shut down in fear of catching the bubonic plague. How did the plague effect the laws of the cities? People had to stay in their homes or away from other people or they will be hanged. The hygiene practices during the renaissance. The hygiene practices were used to heal people from sickness. The true meaning of the nursery rhyme "Ring Around the Rosey" from the Bubonic Plague. "Ring Around the Rosey" first meant the red mark which is the first sign of the plague. "A pocket full of posies" means the herbs to get rid of the infection. "Ashes, ashes" refers to the sneezing from the plague which is another sign of the infection. "We all fall down" means that pretty much who ever had the infection died from it. The sites that I used. http://www.william-shakespeare.info/bubonic-black-plague-elizabethen-era.htm http://www.springfield.k12.il.us/schools/springfield/eliz/plague.html http://science.jrank.org/pages/9721/Hygiene-Middle-Ages-Renaissance-200-1700-C-E.html http://nicolaa5.tripod.com/articles/rosie.html Finally its all over!!
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