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Ethics in Government

No description

Erika Anderson

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Ethics in Government

Ethics in Government
(3) Group participation in discussing, analyzing, and solving general ethics-related dilemmas;
(6) Parliamentary procedure;
Robert’s Rules

State Legislatures: Mason’s Rules

Jefferson's Manual

these procedures ensure order and fairness.
What is Government Guam Ethics?
(1) Guam statutes concerning ethics;
(2) Guam statutes concerning lobbying;
(3) Group participation in
discussing, analyzing, and solving
general ethics-related dilemmas;
(4) Guam procurement laws and regulations;
(5) Guam contracting laws and regulations;
(6) Parliamentary procedure;
(7) Fiduciary responsibility;
(8) Personnel policy;
(9) Government finance; and
(10) Open Government Law and Sunshine
Reform Act of 1999.
(1) Guam statutes concerning ethics
Primarily 4 GCA 15
Training in 15140

(4) Guam procurement laws and regulations
Guam Procurement
~200 Pages; Good Reference
John T. Brown
(5) Guam contracting laws and regulations
18 GCA 85-89
85-86 Basics of Contracts
87 Complexities of Contracts
88 -89 Other elements
5 GCA 22; Government Contracting
Conflicting Financial interests

(2) Guam statutes concerning lobbying
5 GCA 7, 7118; Limits on hiring Lobbyists
( see statute)
5 GCA 7, 7119 ”No government officer or employee may accept the services of a lobbyist on a volunteer basis.”
2 GCA 8; Lobbyists (Legislature)
Paid Lobbyists need to register
(7) Fiduciary responsibility
A Fiduciary is a legal or ethical relationship of trust between two or more parties.

Fiduciary Duty

^ Breach of Fiduciary Duty
(8) Personnel policy;

In a nutshell, all aspects of public employment must follow laws, rules and regulations.

Most common errors:
(A) Timelines
(B) Business/public Dichotomy
(9) Government finance

Likely intended to raise awareness that public funds are always subject to some sort of scrutiny.
Cause of addiction to legal means.
(10) Open Government Law and Sunshine Reform Act
Basics: Government policy should be made in public, not in secret.
Meetings shall be held in public
Notice needed (5 days- 48 hours before)
Special Meetings (48 hours notice)
Exec session (Legal/Security/ Personnel)
5 GCA 10 Right to inspect records 4/10
What is Ethics?
There are many definitions of Ethics.

Why this law has failed?
How much did this class cost
The law implies this factor
Symbols over substances
Ethics makes good political fodder
Do the right thing
In public ethics, what is the right thing?
Can we treat citizens equally?
How can we reconcile these gray areas?
Island Dynamics and Ethics
Static land space
Static population
What we think we know, not really what we know
Facts over fiction
Migration Tensions
Prejudice on Guam is often a function of time
Saipan V Guam
We have a base value related to community

To Follow the Law
We must read the statutes related to our agency

We must become familiar with standard practices

We have to actively update our skills

We have to be willing to take about our successes and failures

We have to use feedback
Ethics is a Poor Excuse
For inaction, when action is required
For wasting time
What is ethics to you?

Definition by the dictionary, "A system of moral principles; the rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group, culture, etc... "

Ethics is also dependent on culture and background of individuals.
By definition:
"concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character."
"a person's standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do"

" So far, about morals, I know only what is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after "
Ernest Hemingway, Death in the Afternoon
Factors that Contribute to Morals.
* Religion
* Culture
* Laws
* Mores
* Folklores
* Education
* Era / Time/ Generations
Discussion. What are morals to you?
Is Public Ethics Different?
Yes & No
Yes. The culture of public employees is different. The laws for government employees differ from privately own businesses.
No. Because they are suppose to be as productive employees as employees from privately owned business.
Middle ground is the law. Although they are slightly different they are similar in many ways.
Public Ethics
For the public sector, values are dictated by the governing system

Therefore, ethics involves following the law as mush as possible

When conflicts arise, they should be reconciled.
Ethics cannot be taught

Adults cannot be taught

Public ethics requires one to learn from the process of application, and then using feedback constantly improving.
Erika Anderson. Susan Segrera. Mary Ann Carlos Galang. Analyn Gatus Akigami.
Outline of Presentation
Ice Breaker
Activity 5 - 10 mins

Foundation for the Presentation
Define Terms
Ethics vs. Morals

Get into laws for ethics in Government
Provide examples to illustrate further
Duty to the Public
Public service is an honorable profession
Example: Customer Service

We have duty to help each other in openly fostering good ethics
Example: Being proactive in the workplace and in public
The Mask
Everyone puts on his / her best mask for a job interview
Employers expect a good impression on the fist encounter
Business often operate by taking risks
Hiring employees (Greatest risk a business takes
Each employee wears a mask until they get comfortable or find loopholes in rules/ regulations
Behavior conflicts with the need to please Employer and the need to fit in with peers and teammates in the workplace

Peers / teammates will try to "strip off the positive mask"

Take 5 minutes to answer questions on the handout
Dilemmas for New Employees
Fear of Abuse of Privileges
By the public

By other employees

Why manager fail
Unconscious Need to Fail
Fear of Scrutiny
The stop sign in the desert example
No one there will you go?
A homeless person sitting next to a stop sign, will you go?
We behave differently when social dynamics come into play?
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