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how to make a ...

No description

thames thames

on 29 November 2015

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Transcript of how to make a ...

what do you think we are going to make?
what you need
kinder surprise egg
metal washer
plastic eyes
elastic band
drinking straw
black marker
yellow pipe cleaner
tools you will need
super glue
craft knife
step 3
open up the pot and use your screwdriver to to put the holes in
make sure you can still slide a straw threw it close the pot and finish the rest of the clothing.
get a rubber and with a craft knife shape it into its leg and then arms.
stick the straws on to the leg and let it dry. after it dried color it with the marker. next clear of the fluffy stuff from the pipe cleaner
and then stick it through the pot and than attach the rubber hands

step 4
with your screwdriver make two holes for your hands and push them through and do the same with the legs. next with your pliers cut the wire and make holes on the top for the head and shape the wires and push them through. if you want to do Stuart then get a piece of string and color it black and push it through one hole
step 1
stick the metal washer on to the pot
then add the plastic eyes
to the pot
after that color the elastic
band black with the marker
and stick it on

how to make a ...
step 2
use some pliers to make two holes at the bottom
make sure that you can push a drinking straw through the hole
next get your old jeans and with some super glue stick it around the egg after you have done that
use your pair of scissors to cut it into shape
thanks for listening

this is a video how to do it
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