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Personal Geographies

No description

Lauren Coetzee

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Personal Geographies

Personal Geographies
Lauren Coetzee
"you will never be completely at home again because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of living and knowing people in more than one place."
Personal Geographies
personal and private
to do with oneself
familiar places and faces
home away from home
travelling the world
friends and family
Thumbnail Sketches
Leopard tree at home where we have always hosted parties and captured many meomries
places to go and countries I've always wanted to go to. Exploring the world.
what makes some places feel like home is who you're with- those friends who have become family.
knowing what's inside you that makes up your character and personality.
things you have never told anyone and feel need to be spoken out.
things you would and perhaps could not tell anyone
family photos
birthday parties
Family Photos
that helped inspire this project
cuddles with dad under the tree
all four cousins posing under the tree
my sister and I lying with mom in the hammock
pictures with dad under the tree
both sisters in the hammock
birthday parties hosted under the tree
the whole family
mom and I in the hammock
pictures with mom under the tree
dressing up and playing under the tree
Original Photos of the tree that brought this all together
Rule of thirds applied
On the 4/2 Mrs Sturgess said: "Lovely presentation and image location. You just need to explore how you will use your images in an artwork- it could be a combination of digital and drawn work or a storybook or time-lapse animation of images and drawing that also explores future events. Unfortunately sculptures of trees has lost its originality in our studios. Your thumbnails sketches have a lovely immediacy and quirkiness to them.

on the 8/2 Mrs Sturgess Said: " these images still seem too central please see me on Monday so that we can work on the final intention and combination of figures and landscape.

The diagonal lines of the wall in this image draws your eye to the tree in the centre and the diagonal line of the hedge leads your eye to the treehouse. There is a lot of texture in this image (mainly in green colours) The texture on the leopard tree stands out against the greenery.
Rule of thirds has been applied with a larger dominance on the treehouse.
Interesting curvature to the photo that creates a balance in the image although rounded. symmetrical balance has been included.
The empty spaces on either side of the tree leads your eye to the tree house by creating a pyramid shape

Edited Photos of the tree
Image is divided using rule of thirds
Light falls at an angle which highlight the tree as being an important focal point in the image
The lighter side of the image creates a strong diagonal line that draws your eye to the tree
The Gaussian blur emphasizes the tree as the focal point and is the first thing the reader sees when analyzing the image
The strong highlights on the tree again emphasize the tree
The Gaussian Blur emphasizes the 2 diagonal main branches which draw the viewers eye in to the tree
The darker tones of the two main branches emphasize the shape of the tree and the inverted triangle shape
An inverted triangle shape has been created
The tree is too central in this image
The sky is too light and draws too much attention as it contrasts the darker midtones in the garden.
The whole image is in focus and the viewers eye does not recognize the tree as the main focus.
Tonal Drawing
(final intention)
reference to be added when i have worked out citethisforme.com
reference to be added when i have worked out citethisforme.com
final project will be an animation using stop frame animation around the tonal drawing of the tree with characters moving around the tree to convey the activity under the tree that made it a landmark for a 'personal geography'.
To View my Online Powerpoint Presentation, Click here!
Final Intention
Create a series of events that are to be joined together to create one long page of multiple images such as what is done by ArtyMiss above.
Plan of action
1. Complete all cutting out on all images
2. Complete the adding of all figures to images
3. Complete adding in all decorative aspects to all images
4. Sew into all images that require it
5. Join/ attach all images to create the "story"

Link to Photo Editing Process for my Final Intention
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