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Dodo Bird

No description

AmberJosie Copenye

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Dodo Bird

Dodo Bird
Why it became extinct
Because the dodo bird’s natural environment lacked any significant predators, dodos were fearless of people. This, combined with flightlessness, made them an easy prey. With combination of human hunting and becoming prey for animals brought onto the island by the explorers (i.e. dogs, cats, pigs, and rats) dodo birds became extinct in late 17th century.
Mauritius's biome is a tropical rainforest.
The Dodo bird or Raphus Cucullatus was a flightless bird native to the island of Mauritius, near the island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. The closest relatives to the dodo bird are pigeons and doves, even though dodo birds were much larger in size. On average, dodo birds stood 3 feet tall and weighted about 40 lb. Unfortunately, due to aggressive human population, dodo birds became extinct in late 17th century
What is its Niche?
What is the extinction rate?
What affect did it have on the ecosystem?
The extinction rate is now higher then when they were in the 17th century
Once a species adapts to a particular niche environment, it becomes more prone to extinction if that environment is changed. This statement holds particularly true if the species in question has no natural predators.

When settlers arrived in the Island of Mauritius the Dodo's was hunted to almost extinction. Due to its ecological niche in the environment, the Dodo had lost its flight feathers and thus remained an easy target for hunting.
The dodo bird did not have any natural predators. There only predators were the humans that hunted them.
The dodo consumed fruit from trees
By Amber and Josie
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