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Collision Avoidance System

No description

Britt Somers

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Collision Avoidance System

What is it?
safety system specifically designed to decrease the severity of an accident
uses various lasers, cameras, and radars
either alerts the driver or automatically takes control of the vehicle involving braking and/or steering
2009 the NHTSA started research on the need for collision avoidance systems as a mandatory aspect
2011 a decision was made that enforcement of collision avoidance systems in all commercial vehicles would be November 1st, 2013
November 1st, 2015, all new types of vehicles in the European Union must have collision avoidance features
-launched in Feburary 2003
-launched a further advanced system was produced
-2007 introduced a CCD camera on the steering consol
-also in 2007, a rearward facing millimeter wave radar was introduced and installed to the bumper of the car
-2008 pedestrian feature
-March 2009, side millimeter wave radar was installed to prevent side collisions
-2007 auto brake was introduced in acordance with Mobileye
-provides a Heads up Display icon on the dashboard
-in some systems this can be turned off but will automatically turn back on when the vehicle is restarted
-2013 the first cyclist detection system was created
-seat belts automatically tighten to avoid passengers injury
Mercedes Benz's
-ESP sensors to detect steering angles
-brake assist system to detect when emergency braking needs to be engaged
-additional opening and closing of windows if necessary
-radar based system that monitors traffic conditions
-2009 the first fully automatic braking feature that provides maximum braking force approximately 0.6 seconds before impact
Mercedes Commercial
Collision Avoidance System
Brittany Tingley-Somers
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